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Orlando Day 2 – Kennedy Space Center NASA Part 2


So, after all the happenings of the last day 2 post I thought I best carry on with the rest of the day. After leaving the Saturn V room we went into a small cinema room where they were going to show the events of the Apollo 11 moon landed. It had a real life fake landing craft and everything. Now, I like to be very sceptical about the whole concept of the moon landing, did they actually go to the moon, or did they just go to Philadelphia? This show did little or nothing to prove either theory right or wrong.

Next stop on the bus tour was the future.

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Orlando Day 3 Quiz


25062008592, originally uploaded by Colin Mercer.

GO team guess work…


Twitter Updates for 2008-06-25

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Orlando Day 2 – Kennedy Space Center NASA


Day 2, early start, well more just generally up early as I’m on the sofa bed in the living room and my uncle gets up for work at 5… Wakey Wakey.

Decided that today was the day to head over to the Kennedy Space Centre (Aka, NASA HQ), so those retards who guessed Disneyland yesterday were wrong.

Took a couple hours to drive over there, partly due to me programming the sat nav wrong and partly not having a map. KSC is located next door to Cape Canaveral, so you would rightly assume that Cape Canaveral Tours and Info would be a sensible place to head if KSC didn’t show on sat nav. Well no, we ended up at the University of Florida. Only a slight detour.

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Orlando Day 2 Quiz


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So, guess where I went today….

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Orlando Day 1


Wake up stupidly early; check, finish packing; check, drive to Heathrow; fail, work; fail. Awesome! So instead flying from Gatwick to Orlando for a holiday and my cous’s wedding.

Security at Gatwick seems a little tighter than Heathrow, an extra set of ticket authorisation was required, simple a card check, maybe this was because the ticket was booked on a personal card instead of the travel agents one I’m used to.

Flight was fine, different type of plane, 777 instead of 747. Rubbish in comparison, entertainment system wasn’t good, basically everything started at the same time on every channel, which of course we got no warning of. Food was ok though, chocolate profiteroles for pudding, yum yum yum. Landed, picked up rental car and met my uncle, drove over to his new place. Lovely house, less than a year old, I will take some pics of it when I get chance.

Most importantly I got one of these:

The rest of the night was spent drinking these, cousin and hubby to be showed up around 10 and we drank for a few further hours catching up. Fun for all. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-24

  • About to start the first full day in Florida. Sitting at Breakfast bar at uncles place… ace #
  • Off to cape canaveral #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-23

  • At gatwick, nice change, flying to orlando. Go team holiday! #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-22

  • Bored of being awake. 4am boo #
  • @sylwiapresley you will get shouted at if you try and plug your laptop into a girl #
  • @siobhanc sharks like the ones at alcatraz #
  • Home from cricket, first half century not out, from opening, of the season, about time. Match report tomorrow on #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-21

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