About time I updated this page, it’s been 6 months with just an email address. What to say about myself?

Still in my early twenties (just), with a whole lot of awesomeness packed into my 5’ 6” body! Long hair, beard, flip flops and a hat. That should be enough to pick me out of most crowds.

By day I work for a digital marketing agency who specialise in Social Media and Word of Mouth, based in Oxfordshire. Outside of work I get up to a variety of things, some of them my mother would be proud of, some not so much.

Sport in some form or another accounts for most of my spare time, whether this is watching, playing or organising. Cricket and football are the main two, have played both for many years (shut up, I’m not old yet).

If you need to talk to me I’m everywhere, either jump onto one of my sites (see blogroll) or email me, colin[at]colinmercer.co.uk, if I can be bothered I will reply. Unless of course you are Nigerian and I have supposedly won the lottery, or you’d like to do me a favour with your family trust fund. Also, I am happy with the size of my penis, I do not need Viagra and NO I don’t want to chat with you, however horny you are!

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