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Free Media Censorship


Mashed in-between all the news reports of Swine Flu killing the entire world, I heard a story on the radio this morning about Fiji and the media censorship going on there. From a little research it doesn’t appear to be a new story so I won’t go into too much detail. By all accounts the new chief has put restrictions on the Fijian media, kicked out all foreign journo’s and shut down the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio transmitters – source: Brisbane Times and ABC Australia.

Working in the word of mouth world, censorship is an issue which comes up from time to time, so the issues resonated some what.

My favourite part of this story is the Fiji Daily Posts’ daily posts… as they have also been censored and are not allowed to cover what is really going on, they have started writing about extremely interesting topics like paing drying, a man getting on a bus and most excitingly, about breakfast.

Weird times.

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My Car Got Broken Into…


… Yes the perfect start to any Monday morning… walking out to the car and finding this;

Head instantly drops and you know it’s going to be one of those days… window smashed, doors unlocked, however no sign of entry and nothing of value in there to pinch. The steering column in tack and there is no sign of tampering on the key barrel.

So basically either someone did this for “fun” and legged it, or bottled it, or got interrupted. Either way means I now have to foot the repair bill and not have a car for a number of days until its fixed. Luckily it will be locked in a garage now until then…

Couple more pictures on my flickr stream here.


Where Do You Comment?

socialmedia, twitter

Have been thinking about this for a few days, with the ways my content is cross pollinated across a number of different sites there are a number of ways readers can comment.

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New Relentless


I found a new flavour… but I’ve not drank Relentless for a long time. I wonder what effect it will have on me when I do get around to drinking it?


Road Run – 25/4

bupa 10k

View Road Run 25/4/09 in a larger map

Activity Running
Start time 25.04.09 11:58
Duration 39 min 19 s
Distance 6.31 km
Speed (average) 9.63 km/h km/h
Speed (max) 20.8 km/h km/h
Pace (average) 6 min 13 s per km
Pace (max) 2 min 52 s per km
Altitude (min) 79.5 m
Altitude (max) 119.5 m


Chilli Lasagne


Anyone want some? Well I hope not because there is nothing left. I totally cheated in making this as I did not have time to make the chilli and white sauce from scratch so just bought jars. I won’t try and claim that I could normally make the pasta from scratch.

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Burger King Texican


It tasted a lot better than it looks… honest. Kudos to BK for bringing this out!

A normal burger, with a layer of coated chilli on top, then Jalapenos and a Cajun sauce.

Good training hey 😉

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Road Run – 22/4

bupa 10k

So the excuse is that I ran this after work, and didn’t eat anything energy boosting pre-run. Not toooo bad though I guess.

View Road Run – 22/4/09 in a larger map

Activity Running
Start time 22.04.09 19:38
Duration 24 min 38 s
Distance 4.35 km
Speed (average) 10.6 km/h km/h
Speed (max) 24.9 km/h km/h
Pace (average) 5 min 39 s per km
Pace (max) 2 min 24 s per km
Altitude (min) 85 m
Altitude (max) 134 m

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Whilst Driving Safely Down The Road


Whilst minding my own business driving down the A34 I came across something very strange… I of course couldn’t take a picture due to driving, but if you put one on top of the other you will be pretty much there.

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Doctor Who – Planet of the Dead


Saturday saw the first Doctor Who special of the year, titled Planet of the Dead. Well I thought it was good. And I really liked Michelle Ryan, I hope she gets more involved in future. The only sour point was her exit at the end, but that’s life I guess.

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