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Lightning Tracker


I know some people like lightning, and I know some people don’t. Ok, admittedly it’s the thunder they don’t like but as they say, there’s no smoke without fire etc.

Just came across this via Twitter and Sven Latham, a lightning tracker. Basically it shows where and how frequently lightning has hit Europe, check this link for the UK.

On the note of thunder / lightning, when I was in the States I posted about a serious storm coming in, read here, well I got the camera out and shot the picture below. I was impressed!

Uber cool!


The Ultimate Warrior

Sun 27/07/2008 00:23 14072007111
Sun 27/07/2008 00:24 14072007112

It was entertaining at the time!


Truck-ing Saturday


One thing which I always find good in the morning at a festival is waking up. Means I didn’t drink “too” much the night before which meant my body gave up. However, this morning, it felt like my body had given up! A quick G&T for breakfast, by quick I mean 4 quick G&Ts, sorted me right out. Food also a normal necessity in a morning, so got some of that too. Time for some bands…

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Quack Quack

Fri 11/07/2008 17:07 11072008828
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-23

  • @Whatleydude I’m coming up for a meeting this afternoon, fancy a pint at lunch time? #
  • At didcot. Shock horror all trains delayed. #
  • @missdd i know nothing! @whatleydude is making it up… Dam emo’s #
  • Ran for train, again. Stupid public transport! Will be back nearly in time for cricket. Depends how much speeding i do! #
  • Still unbeaten on a wed. Well done skipper! #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-22

  • In work, only feeling half as dead as i did yesterday. Great thai food last night with @missdd + newbould clan #
  • @sebrobert Link? #
  • @Whatleydude not sure ive seen one of those outside of festival grounds before #
  • @ricgalbraith Did you bite, and pop, his inflatable toy? #
  • @Whatleydude I’m not allowed outside unless accompanied by a responsible adult. And as i dont know any of those its tough… 😀 #
  • @ceejay2222 where you living now sir? #
  • @Whatleydude Yes yes i do! @ricgalbraith can be the responsibie adult… uh oh #
  • @jakkychamp Oxford baby! #
  • @bryan thats like a weeks worth of sleep!! What a waste 😀 #
  • @missdd already there… fun time franky! #
  • Vista Print #
  • Sitting on my bed, fan blowing, gin flowing and City and Colour bellowing! #
  • Truck-ing Friday #
  • State of English Test Cricket #
  • Serious Truck-ing Faces #
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Serious Truck-ing Faces

Fri 18/07/2008 21:15 18072008851
Fri 18/07/2008 21:15 18072008852
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State of English Test Cricket


Boring cricket post time… well boring to many, but interesting to me, so there! There has been a load of chit chat on the radio last few days about the state of English cricket, and most recently the selection of Darren Pattinson. So what’s going on?

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Truck-ing Friday


Where to start when talking about Truck? So much fun, frolics, misbehaviour and did I mention fun(?) all wrapped up into a weekend.

A good change for this year was the fact they allowed us into the camp site on the Friday night. Something to do with the increased number of tickets available, the organisers felt that they would need to get people in before Saturday morning. This seems fair, rather than the normal rule where only people who have previously arranged to enter on the Friday, who were coming from far away, would be allowed in. That’s basically where the carnage started.

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Vista Print


I found an email sitting in my inbox from Vista Print a couple of weeks ago whilst I was in Milwaukee for Summerfest. Can you guess what it said?

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