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Terminate The Rate


I pay £45 a month for my contract which gets me unlimited everything… this is still a hell of a lot of money a month! I’m involved in a campaign to lower these monthly charges for good, the campaign is called Terminate The Rate and is all about lower mobile termination rates is what your operator charge you to connect you to another network.

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Lords Day Trip


No not the houses of Lords, I mean the cricket place, it was a Twenty 20 World Cup warm up day. Which basically meant two games, firstly South Africa vs. Sri Lanka, followed up by England vs. West Indies.

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Asus 1008HA Saga Part3


I’m not calling this the final chapter in the saga because I do not want to tempt fate… but the bloody thing has continued to work and making me love it again!

Pray that this keeps up and that I only have to say nice things about my Asus 1008HA in the future.


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Asus 1008HA Saga Part2


Sunday morning I submitted my replacement request to for the Asus 1008HA which is playing up. I also received a reply from the Asus Support team, who have asked me to arrange a repair collection. What was stupid was stating that I should only send them the battery, duh it’s a built in battery…

Anyway, I thought I’d test the machine out again last night, and WTF it worked fine off the power mains. I’ve no idea why, but I am quite excited by testing it out again tonight and hoping that it still works!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted…

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