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Smithy’s Rant

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This is funny, partly because I know how much certain people hate James Corden, and partly because it is always good to see celebs taken down a peg.

Part of the Sports Relief show on Saturday night was a sketch done by James Corden, where he is pretending to be “Smithy”, who receives the Coach of the Year Award at Sports Personality. This then turns into a rant at the nations best athletes, well mainly rant, except for the flirting with Victoria Pendleton.

Some of them took it a lot better than others, Dame Kelly Holmes and Paula Radcliffe looked like they were going to cry / kill him. Freddie (I mean Andrew, but who cares?) Flintoff had a similar reaction, but from the work they have been doing together recently on Sky One he is either in on the gag and knew it was coming, or can’t have minded that much.

Nice timing on the Pendleton piece, she currently has a spot on our living room wall, she is the FHM calendar girl for March.


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Starship Troopers CGI


Tonight was spent watching Starship Troopers, with the lovely Denise Richards, Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer and a bunch of others (who cares hey?). Why I hear you scream, well I got bored of the program that was on about Hiroshima…

Just to clear that opening sentence up a bit, Denise Richards plays one of the main parts in the film, I didn’t mean that I was watching it with her. That would have been ace, but unlikely, unless she is reading this and would like to sort something out?

One thing which interested me was a comment from someone I was watching it with, they said that the CGI was terrible and having not seen the film before assumed that it had been carried on the strength of its CGI in the past rather than the story. I actually think the CGI is pretty impressive, the Spaceships are damn cool, and the Insects are pretty advanced. Especially the landscape scenes where there are thousands of Insects attacking all with separate motion patterns.

More importantly, back to Denise Richards, I looked up her IMDB earlier, and apparently has a film out late last year called ‘Deep In The Valley’. Now on hearing this you assume Welsh Porno, which doesn’t appear to be too far off the mark. Denise plays someone called Autumn Bliss, pornstar much? Off to Blockbusters I think…


My Current Addictions


This is kind of bad, is Grand Theft Auto 4 on the Xbox 360. I have had the game since very close to when I bought the Xbox last year. I got stuck though, and haven’t played it for a long time. But recently I thought what the hell and got it out to see how it looked on the new TV.

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The New TV


Last weekend I finally bit the bullet so to speak and splashed out on a new TV. My existing one had been playing up for a little while (random flickering and blurry lines across the screen) so a change was certainly needed.

After a little research, and some advice from people here there and everywhere I settled myself on a Samsung LE32B530.

Have a read of its features here, I will put some live shots up later.


Doctor Who – Planet of the Dead


Saturday saw the first Doctor Who special of the year, titled Planet of the Dead. Well I thought it was good. And I really liked Michelle Ryan, I hope she gets more involved in future. The only sour point was her exit at the end, but that’s life I guess.

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Helena Bonham Carter


Simply put Helena Bonham Carter seems to get a very strange range of roles. In the very late Nineties she played Marla Singer in Fight Club, a suicidal messed up character who has no value to her life.

Since then she has hooked up with Tim Burton and worked on nearly all of his newer productions (usually along with Johnny Depp). Corpse Bride:

Sweeney Todd:

Not forgetting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland which is currently filming.

There is a definite link here with the dark films and then Tim Burton’s dark style to everything he does. What is strange to me is her casting in kids films / programs, like Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit:

Lots of Harry Potter action too… all in all we love you!


Back To The Woods – Family Guy


Just watching this episode on BBC Three and noticed that there was an extra clip compared to the one i downloaded from America a long while ago now. Just after Brian is tied up in the garden and runs after the squirrel, Stuey refuses to help him get scissors. On the episode i downloaded we then cut to Pete walking into Quagmires house naked, however on BBC Three it cut to a scene where Brian is filming Stuey’s reaction to 2 girls 1 cup. Genius scene!!! Why no show in America?

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Martha’s Dream


Strange topic for me I know, but Martha’s Dream is the new TV advert by Mercedes-Benz. Suprisingly clever and I think it relates a lot to social media and the interweb. I have transcribed the dialogue and embed’ed.

“Presence is a curious thing, if you need to prove you’ve got it, you probably never had it in the first place.

It’s not about, ostentatious adolescent displays, it should be something effortless. Somebody once said, the whisperer is loader than the shouter, amen to that.”

I am Mercedes-Benz - Presence


Nicholas Hoult


About A Boy –>> Skins

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Xbox 360 + Windows = ?

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Just to clear up some confusion, no I haven’t thrown my new Xbox out the window!

Xbox + Windows =

This is the Xbox which I FINALLY plucked up the nerve to buy on Sunday! YAY ME! Along with it a couple of games and I’ve liberated a 30inch TV from downstairs to add to my bedroom powerplant.

This post is however not about the games or the Xbox itself, it’s about the way that Windows and the Xbox integrate. Admittedly this is my own fault for not reading up on it before hand, but I have a friend who always used to play his computer downloads through his TV (things like TV shows, PAID for films etc nothing illegal *wink wink*). Little did I know that you either need a top version of Vista to do this or you have to pay some extortionate amount of money for what is known as the Windows Media Center. There are otherways of course, you can buy a classic Xbox and chip it, then there are customised programs which work the same as Media Center. This has not been developed for the 360 to date.

So now I have a couple options:
1) Take the free upgrade to Vista I have sitting on my desk and convert everything to Vista
2) Download and install the pirate copy of Windows Media Center, including a safemode boot up and install of the crack (dodgy much?)
3) Buy a classic Xbox and chip it (£40 + £20)
4) Get over the desire to watch things from my PC on the 30inch TV and settle with the 19inch monitor I have


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