Martha’s Dream


Strange topic for me I know, but Martha’s Dream is the new TV advert by Mercedes-Benz. Suprisingly clever and I think it relates a lot to social media and the interweb. I have transcribed the dialogue and embed’ed.

“Presence is a curious thing, if you need to prove you’ve got it, you probably never had it in the first place.

It’s not about, ostentatious adolescent displays, it should be something effortless. Somebody once said, the whisperer is loader than the shouter, amen to that.”

I am Mercedes-Benz - Presence



  1. Gabk  •  Jun 8, 2008 @1:10 pm

    I agree…additionally, pure ZEN:) I hope it’s the beginning of a big turn in tv and traditional PR.

  2. James Whatley  •  Jun 8, 2008 @6:33 pm

    Hadn’t seen that before. Nice.

  3. Mark Guim  •  Jun 10, 2008 @5:03 pm

    oohhh great quotes! i like it.

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