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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-31

  • @ryanv49er broke enough not to be at work i see! #
  • Sometimes i even impress myself! #
  • At heathrow, checked in. #
  • Security queue. Boo #
  • @ricgalbraith you make it sound so exciting… was it ? #
  • @Jeremy_Jeffers thats why you love them, you get along so well! having the same hobby is key in this #
  • Boarding, end twitter, start sports tracker test #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-30

  • The clocks are robbing me #
  • Good morning all. Sunday clocks hurting. Not too badder hangover today so yay, NYC tomorrow, packing time #
  • @SiobhanC i cant believe u spied @whatleydude, thats rediculous! #
  • New York Trip #
  • Nicholas Hoult #
  • Opening Nets #
  • Watching JP cup final… my god its dull #
  • Survived unscathed #
  • Watching bond, talking to cavvy about curry #
  • @RyanV49er pooooorrrrr bbbbaaaabbbbyyyyy… boat broke? #
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Opening Nets


First nets session of the season is today, I’m hungover, tired and feel quite drowsy. This could be a problem! Expect pictures of bruises later today. Glad we had a little practice in Jeffo’s living room yesterday, my bat is however slightly bigger than a role of clingfilm!

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Nicholas Hoult


About A Boy –>> Skins

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New York Trip


I’m off to New York tomorrow 😀

Its a work trip, but any trip is a trip it has to be said. What will I be doing… work wise it will be the normal stuff, social wise it will be a world of difference! Drinking American beers in American bars in an American city. Sounds good to me! The sights, I’ll be staying right next to the Empire State building, Madison Square Gardens and maybe even the good lady!

On realising that this post was really going anywhere I thought I best at least lead it to somewhere, so will hopefully get a good photo update going on whilst there. (If data charges don’t rape me too hard).

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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29

  • @whatleydude Radio superstar! #
  • Feeling kinda sorry for the Austrian national team… own fans want them removed from the euro’s. Fans? Not how i would define a fan! #
  • Started watching Band of Brothers box set again. Top #
  • Google Black #
  • In oak. Ace #
  • In cellar. Boo #
  • My moustache is bleeding. #
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Google Black


Many things are cool when modified for a black version, look at Black Sambuca, look at the black N82/N95, look at goths, clothing and cars. All good in black. Now check out Google, they are temporarily black. In aid of Earth Hour they have changed their colour to increase awareness of the activity.

How far behind the times are they, my sites been black for ages! According to the Mashable, Scoble was the first to pick up on this, I bet he was just the first to post! Good old Twitter.

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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-28

  • Cheese + Chilli + Jacket Potato… good lunch. I should have got the bacon on it too though 🙁 #
  • I know that the second i turn my phone on i am going to get spammed by numerous twitter updates! Stupid Vodafone! #
  • @RyanV49er pussy! A real dedicated sailor [insert gay sailor jokes here] would go out in any conditions! #
  • Only 7 spam text msgs, could have been worse! #
  • @SiobhanC LOSER! Did i get you anything? I think NOT #
  • In telco… *yawn* i think @SiobhanC is eatin the table… #
  • siobhan is looking bone-jangling hot at the mo – only think getting me through telco – PHWOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!! #
  • siobhan you are a tastey bit of skirt!! Hear my roar! (meow!) #
  • Remind me to never lend @SiobhanC my laptop again in meetings… I shall get my revenge via the means of facebook… and food rationing! #
  • Now shes worried… MUWAHAHAHAHAHA #
  • What @siobhanc doesn’t know is i’ve hidden her car. I always get the last laugh #
  • Glad to have gotten a work related bollocking… if you don’t tell me what you want how can you expect me do what you want? **** #
  • Home, chillax time! #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27

  • Morning! Feeling the start of tonsilitus, lots of water today! Wonder if i could drink one of those 18 litre bottles from the cooler? #
  • Jeepers Creepers #
  • Looks like we’ve been BUSTED aye @RyanV49er #
  • Feels like i should be watching Dumbo… whatever happened to that film? #
  • Ping.FM Beta Invite Code #
  • Twitter Colour War 2008 #
  • @Whatleydude already in dude, cheers for the offer 🙂 Twitters being weird tonight and double posting/double deleting :S #
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Twitter Colour War 2008


I know what you’re thinking… WTF?

There’s a competition, or tournament, not sure which, being ran on Twitter. Basically you join a team based on colours, then your team compete in challenges to find the superior colour. I am a proud member of the Orange Team, check out my branded picture on Twitter.

To join the Orange Team all you need to do is follow them on Twitter, whichever colour team you most recently began following is the team which you are officially a member of. At the moment we have around 450 members, the main competitors are the veryGreen team who have backing from top bloggers Pete Cashmore (Mashable), Hugh Macleod (GapingVoid) and Chris Brogan. You can follow the team numbers on this site.

The home page for Twitter Colour War can be found here.

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