Twitter Updates for 2008-03-28

  • Cheese + Chilli + Jacket Potato… good lunch. I should have got the bacon on it too though 🙁 #
  • I know that the second i turn my phone on i am going to get spammed by numerous twitter updates! Stupid Vodafone! #
  • @RyanV49er pussy! A real dedicated sailor [insert gay sailor jokes here] would go out in any conditions! #
  • Only 7 spam text msgs, could have been worse! #
  • @SiobhanC LOSER! Did i get you anything? I think NOT #
  • In telco… *yawn* i think @SiobhanC is eatin the table… #
  • siobhan is looking bone-jangling hot at the mo – only think getting me through telco – PHWOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!! #
  • siobhan you are a tastey bit of skirt!! Hear my roar! (meow!) #
  • Remind me to never lend @SiobhanC my laptop again in meetings… I shall get my revenge via the means of facebook… and food rationing! #
  • Now shes worried… MUWAHAHAHAHAHA #
  • What @siobhanc doesn’t know is i’ve hidden her car. I always get the last laugh #
  • Glad to have gotten a work related bollocking… if you don’t tell me what you want how can you expect me do what you want? **** #
  • Home, chillax time! #
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