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Asus 1008HA Saga Part1


Let the saga begin..

I feel there is going to be a little (a lot) of ‘told ya so’s’ flying in my direction over the next few days, but anyway I did go ahead and buy an Asus 1008HA last week and it arrived on Wednesday. I love it, it is insanely small and brilliant to use, the keyboard is a tapping pleasure.

However, last night I used it plugged into the mains for a couple of hours then went to bed, unplugging the machine from the mains. It turned off and wouldn’t come back on unless plugged into the mains. I thought, maybe it’s the battery overheating or something so installed speed fan to take a look at the temperatures, everything seems fine. Opened control panel to check the battery levels, maybe its not charging properly from the mains – status 100%.

Went to bed and hoped for the best this morning, but as expected really the problem continues. I have emailed the Asus support team (no phone number WTF?), I have pestered @asusuk on twitter and generally mabe a little stinking noise about it. I made a video of it happening too…

Any ideas?

P.s. who likes my duvet?


How Very Alcopopular3


You may have been wondering what my tweets were about that look a little strange with random first words and referencing Well I shall explain, of course if you’ve been to that URL already then you will know something about it, but this is for those who haven’t bothered.

Basically Alcopopular3 is the latest compilation from Alcopop records, this is slightly different though, its only available as a bottle or mp3’s. Brilliant!

Anyway, the tweets, I got exclusive access to the tracks, a perk of knowing Jakkychamp, and each day for the next two weeks I will be reviewing a track in one tweet. The first word is the band name. So yeah keep an eye out and see what you think, hopefully I will drive some sales – LOL.

Proud to have received a special mention already!


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Bupa 10k Result

bupa 10k

Run run run… that pretty much describes my bank holiday Monday. Yep the time had for me to take on 10k of London’s famous streets, starting at Green Park and hopefully finishing back along the Mall…

Had to get up to London for a 10am start, meant a nice and early 7am train, good start! Met up with rest of the team and we were ready to go:

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Can You Grow A Beard?


This goes out to all those unfortunate men and women who are unable to grow their own beards, I have come to the rescue!

On visiting the link you will see a façade for a legitimate building company, I’m sure somewhere they offer the desired service, maybe it’s a secret service which only the honoured receive?

Check out

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Time Is Running Out

bupa 10k

Yes time is running out (one pun intended), only 3 days to go until the big run on Monday 25th. Starting to get slightly nervous, my training has been extremely disrupted due to the start of the cricket season and by additional work shiz.

Therefore, I haven’t been for a long distance run in over 3 weeks, and haven’t done more than 6.5K at once. Making the 10k on Monday feel a little daunting…

Anyway the plan for the day will be to live location to my Sports Tracker account, and record a couple of QIK vids before and after. During if I get the urge but that is very very unlikely. I will put a post up on Sunday with all the details you would need to follow my “efforts”.

Finally, still plenty of time to sponsor me, need a few more to hit my target of £350, so anything you can spare would be hugely appreciated! Simple go here:

Wish me luck!

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Gallows In Oxford


Last Friday I went to see Gallows at the O2 Academy in Oxford. It’s the first time I’ve seen a gig in the new and improved large downstairs room there and I have to say I was pretty impressed. I have very simple criteria for when I’m at a gig:

Can I see the band?
Is the sound good?
Can I get to the bar?

Of course Gallows were their usual awesome selves, midway singer Frank Carter got bored and went and partied on the middle bar instead of the stage. The bar staff didn’t seem to like the idea too much…

Gallows have also made a good start into social media, they have a Myspace (what band doesn’t?) but they were talking to the venue organizers in the days leading up to the show through Twitter, they also have a Youtube and a LastFm, a good start chaps!

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Daddy Needs A New Toy


I need a new toy, and I think I have decided what it will be…

Have you seen the Asus 1008HA Seashell? Looks mighty nice to me, and it looks like it works, yes of course looks can be deceiving, will play before I buy.

Slashgear have my favourite picture so far:

I wonder why?

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Skype On Tree


Brilliant, thank you @idreamelectric

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Dear Mr Walkers…


Dear Gary Linekar (Or whom it concerns at Walkers)

I am an avid fan of yours, a keen Match of the Day viewer and a followers of the Master golf whenever you are in charge, I even have a friend who used to live down the road from you!

Thank you very much for making larger size bags, they are very satisfying and filling. However can you please stop making them appear emptier when I open them? This leads to disappointment on opening and a lack of sensation for the first few crisps. I feel it should be an important part of any package campaign to give the right impression throughout, so to help you out a little I have drawn a little picture:

As you can see, I would rather have fewer crisps and a smaller bag which appears fuller, than an oversized bag which appears half full.

I hope you can take this onboard when planning your next bag sizes.

Kind regards


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Somewhere That Makes You Happy?


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