Daddy Needs A New Toy


I need a new toy, and I think I have decided what it will be…

Have you seen the Asus 1008HA Seashell? Looks mighty nice to me, and it looks like it works, yes of course looks can be deceiving, will play before I buy.

Slashgear have my favourite picture so far:

I wonder why?

Slimline and mobile, will easily fit into a bag and holds a 160gb HD, wifi, 1.66GHZ processor with 1GB RAM, all in the 1 inch thick design. That’s 1 inch at it’s thickest…

The more I read the more I like it, but I know that the second I meet one I wont like it and I will talk myself out of it again. As I have been doing for a rather long time now.

Engadget got hands on here, and Laptop Mag here.

The official link goes to all the competitions and what not they are running around launch. Still chance to win through Twitter if you start following them @asusuk, a random follower will be selected each week to win. I don’t recommend you start following @asusuk because the more that follow them the less chance I have of winning.

So – who thinks I should buy one?



  1. lukeb3000  •  May 19, 2009 @4:45 pm

    I have been thinking sometime about getting a nettop (and I would get one if I wasn’t a poor student!)

    It seems to make sense, whilst the majority of the editing I do (graphics, video etc) is done at home, it seems pointless for me to carry around a proper laptop, when most of the time all I do on it is surf the web and write up documents for college

    My ideal set up would be an iMac for home and a netbook for portablity

    With the release of the new iPhone this summer and the possibility of “tethering” I think the iPhone netbook combination could be quite a powerful one!

    Let me know if you go ahead and buy one 🙂

  2. Richard  •  May 19, 2009 @5:00 pm

    not sure, the point of a net book to me is that it’s dirt cheap and you can do wordprocessing, watch videos and browse the net on it, a netbook over £200 you might as well get a 13″ laptop, how much is this thing?

  3. Stuart Moss  •  May 19, 2009 @5:42 pm

    I got a Toshiba Netbook, wasn’t expensive, maybe £270 similar hard drive size to above, not sure of processor speed but it does the trick, and it literally does fit in the inside pocket of my fleece, pretty cool seeing the envy when I reach in to take it out during meetings 🙂 and to Richard – the small size is a real blessing when you travel around a lot – especially on planes.

  4. Colin  •  May 19, 2009 @6:40 pm

    @luke I would be using this for a similar sort of thing, if i’m travelling it is a lot easier to take something like this which has a little bit of power and decent battery life.

    @rich This thing is about £350…

    @stuart I have looked at the Toshiba’s, not had great experiences in the past with them though.

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