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It’s Even Colder This Morning


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It’s Cold Tonight


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Embellishing Stories


This may seem like a strange thing to be writing about but for once something of cultural interest came up on a Channel 4 comedy show. Thursday night I was watching 8 out of 10 cats with the slick haired wonder himself Jimmy Carr, the format of the show is very straightforward. Two teams of funny people get asked stupid questions, which the audience have already recorded their answers of, they make jokes about it for a while until finally cutting to their legitimate answer in the hope they get some points / laughs. Nothing harmful in this, and usually nothing inspiring in this either, other than picking up a few new jokes or stories.

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The London Meme


This feels like something from the old school days, “tag, you’re it”, etc etc.

I got called out by good old Sylwia to answer some questions in the latest London MEME. So here goes…

1. Top three non-work websites:
BBC Sport
Last FM – then again I usually listen to this at work, does this count?

2. Three Favourite Cocktails:
Gin & Tonic – surprise surprise
Jager Bomb – “cocktail” honest
Citrus Shoot – I don’t know what’s in it, but its my tipple of choice in the Arbo’s

3. Top three Karaoke songs:
Breakstuff – Lim Bizkit : sorry
Broken Home – Papa Roach
Get Fighted – Alexisonfire

So now I guess it’s my turn to pass the buck as such, therefore I select Nick, Ryan and Snorlax. I wonder if it matters that non of these people are from London, hopefully not.

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Studio Doggy


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Last Drink


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Action Ambulance


An Ambulance, in action.

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First Drink


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Kids + Planes = ?


As the little kid starts to cry on the plane, the conversation ceases, the second headphone goes in and I submerse myself in the laptop once more and ask myself, “how long has that kid been crying?” Teaching me a lesson to not try and listen to Enter Shikari with only one headphone in.

Anyway, the point, what is it, kids + aeroplanes = disaster. I understand that they have to travel and get around in the same way as anyone does, what I don’t understand is how come they get all the good toys and colouring books! It just isn’t fair.

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What’s Your Twitter Grade?


Just seen a post by Sylwia Presley about Twitter grading, so I thought I would check myself out. Globally I’m not doing great, however in Oxford, apparently I am 3rd. with Dons 4th. Ace, thanks Sylwia!

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