The London Meme


This feels like something from the old school days, “tag, you’re it”, etc etc.

I got called out by good old Sylwia to answer some questions in the latest London MEME. So here goes…

1. Top three non-work websites:
BBC Sport
Last FM – then again I usually listen to this at work, does this count?

2. Three Favourite Cocktails:
Gin & Tonic – surprise surprise
Jager Bomb – “cocktail” honest
Citrus Shoot – I don’t know what’s in it, but its my tipple of choice in the Arbo’s

3. Top three Karaoke songs:
Breakstuff – Lim Bizkit : sorry
Broken Home – Papa Roach
Get Fighted – Alexisonfire

So now I guess it’s my turn to pass the buck as such, therefore I select Nick, Ryan and Snorlax. I wonder if it matters that non of these people are from London, hopefully not.

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