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Last Day At 1000heads


Yes it is true, today is my last day working for 1000heads.

In my 3 ½ years I have been an Account Assistant, WOM Analyst, Relationship Exec/Manager, and a Community Exec. Now its time for a change, to move onto pastures new and put my hand to something different, what or where this will be you will just have to wait and see. Many of you will have seen my commute rants over the last few months, this has of course had a massive influence on my decision.

A lot of people reading this will have met me, been introduced to me, had the misfortune of me contacting them because of my work at 1000heads. I would like to thank everyone I’ve been involved with, it has been an excellent experience and would not change a minute of it. Well maybe the 5am start to get to Manchester to sit on a street corner for 8 hours in the rain.

A couple of confessions which I have to admit to:

1) I once intentionally wasted 3 staples.
2) I once lost a pen under a train.
3) I once left a business card on a plane with the hope the Stewardess would find it.

I just hope that I can be forgiven for these misdemeanors and that they are not held against me in the future.

Tonight sees a small leaving bash with the ‘heads crew, this may get messy, as has been known in the past. I’m thinking London Beer Fest, Away Day @ Oxford Four Pillars, any Xmas / Bday outing and many more.

I have always kept my work there and my writing / thoughts here very separate so nothing is going to change there. If anything it will give me a little more license to express myself how I wish. Cue brand ranting.

Now all the dirt from the inside… just kidding!


Venture Into The Cold Wilderness


This weekend I went over to Bristol for my Bro’s birthday din dins. A group of us went to Zero Degrees for pizza, good pizza at that! Thanks to @photobliss @ghosts_galleons @jefffo @mercer182 for making it an ace evening.

However this is not what I want to talk about… I want to show you where I went on the way to pick another (non tweeting) friend.

In the middle of no where, down a steep hill (that was fun in the snow) we came across his little ‘hippie compound’. A couple of tent houses, they’re called Turks apparently, one for the family and one for my mate. We had a little walk around in the woods, a couple of snaps below. Everything there is outdoors, the kitchen, toilets, showers etc outside, it was cold, very cold.

But the view is almost certainly worth it (click the images for the large view)!

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Use Formspring To Question Me


I came across an interesting site whilst perusing the internet last night:

The premise of the site is simple, answer questions, but in a different way to Yahoo Answers. Here you answer questions which people have directly asked of you. I see potentially here for corporate use as well as personal, I’m just having mine as a bit of fun. So, if you have any burning questions to ask me fire away!

[Disclaimer: I do not promise to answer truthfully.]

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I Can Haz Shn0wBall


Yep that’s right, come near my house and you’ll get Shn0wBalled. Eric is on guard!


The lesson here is not to let your house mates build snowmen in the dark, good effort hey? Eric lasted 3 days, until he got his head chopped off… we needed to get cars on the drive again.

The real shame is that he couldn’t defend himself from the dog that pissed on him…

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Shine Manchester 2010 (#shine2010)



I like Charity and I like the challenge of fundraising. What I don’t like is having no control over where my hard earned cash goes. This means I like the new Cancer Research fundraising fest that is Shine. You have the control, you choose which part of the Charity the money goes towards and fight a specific type of Cancer. Nice touch.

What is shine? A walk of only 13 miles or if you’re a real man 26 miles through Manchester in the middle of the night. Sounds like fun, who’s Sofa can I crash on?

To help spread the word of Shine, the challenge is to answer the following question: “What will make you shine in 2010 #shine2010?” Making sure that everything is hashtagged #shine2010.

That explains my tweet yesterday yes?


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