Last Day At 1000heads


Yes it is true, today is my last day working for 1000heads.

In my 3 ½ years I have been an Account Assistant, WOM Analyst, Relationship Exec/Manager, and a Community Exec. Now its time for a change, to move onto pastures new and put my hand to something different, what or where this will be you will just have to wait and see. Many of you will have seen my commute rants over the last few months, this has of course had a massive influence on my decision.

A lot of people reading this will have met me, been introduced to me, had the misfortune of me contacting them because of my work at 1000heads. I would like to thank everyone I’ve been involved with, it has been an excellent experience and would not change a minute of it. Well maybe the 5am start to get to Manchester to sit on a street corner for 8 hours in the rain.

A couple of confessions which I have to admit to:

1) I once intentionally wasted 3 staples.
2) I once lost a pen under a train.
3) I once left a business card on a plane with the hope the Stewardess would find it.

I just hope that I can be forgiven for these misdemeanors and that they are not held against me in the future.

Tonight sees a small leaving bash with the ‘heads crew, this may get messy, as has been known in the past. I’m thinking London Beer Fest, Away Day @ Oxford Four Pillars, any Xmas / Bday outing and many more.

I have always kept my work there and my writing / thoughts here very separate so nothing is going to change there. If anything it will give me a little more license to express myself how I wish. Cue brand ranting.

Now all the dirt from the inside… just kidding!



  1. Al Pavangkanan  •  Jan 15, 2010 @8:44 am

    Good luck in future endeavors!

    PS, can I have your old job?

  2. R0bf  •  Jan 15, 2010 @9:43 am

    Best of luck mate!

  3. Nicola  •  Jan 15, 2010 @9:50 am

    Today is a sad day 🙁 But I am sure you will have a great time in your next venture, and I will continue reading your blog (stalking) to see exactly what this will be! I may even buy you a drink too as I forgot the damn cakes 🙁

  4. K FLYER  •  Jan 15, 2010 @10:26 am

    All the best with your future endeavours !

  5. James Burland  •  Jan 15, 2010 @11:55 am

    All the best dude! I don’t think we ever met, but you certainly seem like a top fella! Keep us up to date with all your new “STUFF STUFF AND MORE STUFF”. ^_^

  6. Thom  •  Jan 15, 2010 @2:02 pm

    Come off it Col, don’t try and deny that huddling in the rain in Manchester all day waiting for the sum total of ONE visitor was a highlight of your 1000heads career

  7. Andrew Currie  •  Jan 15, 2010 @2:14 pm

    Thanks for all the great work you’ve done with Nokia fans around the world… Don’t be a (virtual) stranger!

  8. Matt R  •  Jan 15, 2010 @4:33 pm

    Good luck mate, been a pleasure. Keep in touch, if only so I can make one glorious appearance behind the stumps next summer.

  9. Hanna  •  Jan 15, 2010 @10:58 pm

    Good work amigo, the world is your Oyster now, go grab it by the balls 😉 x

  10. Ms. Jen  •  Jan 17, 2010 @2:21 am

    Hi Colin,

    Good luck in whatever you do next. If you don’t like commuting, please don’t accept a job in LA, even if you are tempted by the weather and sun…


  11. Colin  •  Jan 19, 2010 @3:16 pm

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words 🙂

    @Al – If it was my choice the job would be yours!
    @Nicola – I don’t remember you buying me that drink
    @Thom – Of course it was, I think the only thing that got me through that day was the thought of where Sam and Lauren were
    @Matt – You bet it man, remember you know the captain this year so should be easier to get picked
    MsJen – LA, now there is a place I would be happy to move to, then the commute wouldn’t be as bad 😀

  12. mobiledan  •  Jan 22, 2010 @2:02 pm

    Best of luck man! I can’t believe I missed this one!!!

    Get in touch via email! Talk soon!


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