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FA Cup Semi Final


We’re all packed up and we’re off to Wemberrrllleeeee…

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Double TV Setup

football, tech

What to do if there are two sporting events on the TV at the same time?

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Batman Characters Remade


This picture on the BBC website had me wondering what the hell Batman was doing fraternising with the enemy! For those not in the know thats Ribery and Demichelis of Bayern Munich.

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Smithy’s Rant

cricket, football, random, tv

This is funny, partly because I know how much certain people hate James Corden, and partly because it is always good to see celebs taken down a peg.

Part of the Sports Relief show on Saturday night was a sketch done by James Corden, where he is pretending to be “Smithy”, who receives the Coach of the Year Award at Sports Personality. This then turns into a rant at the nations best athletes, well mainly rant, except for the flirting with Victoria Pendleton.

Some of them took it a lot better than others, Dame Kelly Holmes and Paula Radcliffe looked like they were going to cry / kill him. Freddie (I mean Andrew, but who cares?) Flintoff had a similar reaction, but from the work they have been doing together recently on Sky One he is either in on the gag and knew it was coming, or can’t have minded that much.

Nice timing on the Pendleton piece, she currently has a spot on our living room wall, she is the FHM calendar girl for March.


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BREAKING NEWS: New Real Madrid Manager


In a surprise move so late in the season, the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has announced that Manuel Pellegrini has been sacked as the manager of Real Madrid with immediate affect. He will be replaced by the more experienced Colin Mercer.

In an announcement made at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu earlier Señor Perez blamed Pellegrini for Real’s current league position and lack of success in cup competitions, stating:

“…a change of personnel is required if we are going to turn this season around…”

Mercer has had successful Football Manager campaigns at Liverpool, Monaco and Barcelona to mention just a few, most recently taking Liverpool to the Premier League title and Champions League final in his 2nd season in charge.

It is rumoured that he will look to bring players from his previous clubs like Torres, Gerrard and Messi to the Bernabéu.

This news comes as less of a surprise to the panellists on Revista de La Liga who predicted Pellegrini to be on the way out yesterday.


The Hand of Henry


Last week I was asked to write a piece on the Henry handball incident, here is what I came up with…


Most people with a passion for football or sport in general will have heard about the debacle that was the Republic of Ireland’s exit from the World Cup a couple of weeks ago. If you’re Irish I suspect you think this is the biggest injustice ever, if you are French you will probably be thinking this a massive overreaction and entirely inconsequential and the rest of you just won’t really care. Of course, you could be Roy Keane (who I hope is reading this) and be Irish and not give a damn, in fact I think his exact words were ‘get over it’.

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Scolari Sacked


News just breaking on BBC news, via Reuters, Chelsea have reported fired manager Luiz Felipe Scolari.

More when it’s official I guess.

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Fantasy Football Team


Just changed my team around, cost me my Wild card! Original team:

And new team:


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Hey sir-rah sir-rah

football, socialmedia

Hey sir-rah sir-rah, whatever will be will, we’re going to Wembley, Hey sir-rah sir-rah. I felt like singing this all the way to London on Saturday on my way to Wembley. However I thought better of it as its highly unlikely the rest of the bus wanted to listen to that for 2 hours. Who knows though hey?

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Reading VS Fulham


Going to the above tomorrow, Zon got some tickets through work and we’re gunna hit the high heights of the Madejski stadium. Good chance to take some pics, and maybe even play with the Qik account mentioned previously.

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