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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-30

  • more bud light. Glad the bar has reopened #
  • Back at Uncs house, bit of telly, bit of interweb, then bed #
  • Wahhaayy 100 followers 🙂 #
  • Checking out my feeds, you lot better have been posting #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-29

  • Back from Sarasota, been sea swimming again. Country and western bar tonight #
  • Awake, feeling rubbish, drank too much sea water yday :S #
  • ShoZu Update #
  • Getting ready for wedding soon, need nap #
  • @thenokiablog same here come on spain, check out @euro2008stats #
  • big congrats to my lovely cousin for saying i do today. Congrats! #
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ShoZu Update


Now I’m an avid ShoZu user, if you check out my Flickr account you will see that almost all of my photos are uploaded using it. The only time I don’t is when I am in the States and the data charges would be astronomical. The point I am getting to however is

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-28

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Orlando Day 4 – Florida Mall


Day 4 is easy, it was a relatively quiet day. We got up, had some brekkie and headed out to one of the many Malls. We went to the Florida Mall, there are 270 something shops in there, so what a surprise that I still couldn’t find the stuff I was after. Did pick up a couple new things and had my first ever Taco Bell. OMG what a let down! There was chatter about it I caused on Jaiku a while back when I was in New York. The advice was mainly to stay well away, and I did for a time, but just couldn’t resist. Zach Epstein from The Boy Genius Report has to go next!

After this we headed to the airport to collect bro, he got in on time and we drove back to the house. I started drinking and kept drinking and we ended up rolling off to bed around 3 with a few sore heads expected in the morning.

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Orlando Day 3 – Silver Springs


Uh oh, it appears I have gotten a couple of days behind. Luckily I’m waiting for my pizza to arrive, therefore have a couple of minutes to post some updates.

Day 3, the little beauty in the post here is not as suggested a Dinosaur, it is in fact an Alligator. There are over 2 million of these buggers in Florida, estimated of course. There are laws governing peoples interactions with Alligators in the wild, it is illegal to feed them at all. If you are caught feeding one it’s a hefty fine and upto 5 years in jail. They’re taking this one seriously folks. Back on topic, the gator in the picture is from a nature esq park called Silver Springs at Ocala (or just east of it). Firsly, bloody hot day, like 33-34 Celsius, luckily the park is built into an existing forest so the shade is always easy to find. There are two main selling points to the place, one the Alligators and two the glass bottom boats. First off we checked out the Alligators:

As you can see you can get nice and close, and we’re talking about there being only a thin piece of plastic between you and the big guy.

There was also feeding time, so the head keeper came along and fed the buggers. As you see in the movies they jumped up to get the food, impressive, but they didn’t fight for it like you see in the films. I’m thinking Indiana Jones when the baddies fall off the ladder at the end, that didn’t appear to happen, or were they Crocodiles?

After this it was time to go on the boat. The water you see is pure springs water, so its crystal clear. You can see hundreds of metres whilst underwater apparently. The lake has been used in many many films due to this quality. Creature from the black lagoon was filmed there.

Rubbish picture I know. After the boat there were a couple of demo’s by some of the keepers, playing with the baby gators and spiders and snakes etc. Good laugh and I got to stroke a real Albino Burmese Python.

Went out for dinner with everyone, had the best ribs ever!!!

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Florida Thunderstorm


Ok totally distracted from posting my day updates by a massive thunderstorm. Well for me its massive, its tiny on the radar apparently and nothing that exciting for the locals. However it is phenomenal for me, constant lightning, much of which is cloud lightning so no thunder. Then the crashing flashes to the ground and the thunderous bangs. Just had one hit maybe half a mile away, first time I’ve ever been frightened by thunder. Painfully loud. No rain, no wind. What is a storm?

Check out the radar here on the WFTV site, I’m under the Apopka writing.

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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-27

  • Sitting with a beer, the rain, and some food #
  • Sunshine state my arse #
  • @thenokiablog glad you liked the goody bag 🙂 #
  • Myspace Portability #
  • Sleepy, yikes, nibbles then sleep #
  • Good morning twitter. Anyone in Florida area? (other than me ofcourse) #
  • @ricgalbraith whats the social media term for a blog post you dont remember publishing due to alcohol? #
  • Wondering if @thenokiablog managed to go to universal when he was 11 #
  • @ricgalbraith alcopost, pure genius sir! #
  • @replies broken? #
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Myspace Portability


In the last few days Myspace has become data portable.

I think that’s the verb for it, if not, then it is now. The concept of data portability has been bouncing around the web for a wee while now, the importance only really understood by the hardcore social media geezers. The basic concept is being able to take your data/information away from a website or social network. In practice, this is taking your contact list from Facebook and looking it on your PC in another format. The data portability row is all around who owns that information.

Back to the topic, Myspace has become a little but more open. Check out this Tech Crunch app which shows an early adoption of the concept. Admittedly its pretty useless at the moment as an app, but the possibilities are huge! I guess, instead of joining a new social network and using your email address to search for people you know on there already, you would be able to use your Facebook contact list, or your Youtube contact list or Flickr etc etc. Stay tuned for more untimely, late announcements.


Twitter Updates for 2008-06-26

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