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Now I’m an avid ShoZu user, if you check out my Flickr account you will see that almost all of my photos are uploaded using it. The only time I don’t is when I am in the States and the data charges would be astronomical. The point I am getting to however is that I only use if for Flickr uploads, as this is all I could see/had heard it did. Now I read this update announcement from ShoZu HQ (I read about it via Darla) and it would appear that there are A LOT more things it can do. Darla’s fav is the new Ovi integration, maybe I should start using my Ovi Share account more?ShoZu also allows direct uploads to Reuters “You Witness News”, basically become your very own citizen journalist.

P.s. Sorry for repost, had to add a piccie 😀

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