Myspace Portability


In the last few days Myspace has become data portable.

I think that’s the verb for it, if not, then it is now. The concept of data portability has been bouncing around the web for a wee while now, the importance only really understood by the hardcore social media geezers. The basic concept is being able to take your data/information away from a website or social network. In practice, this is taking your contact list from Facebook and looking it on your PC in another format. The data portability row is all around who owns that information.

Back to the topic, Myspace has become a little but more open. Check out this Tech Crunch app which shows an early adoption of the concept. Admittedly its pretty useless at the moment as an app, but the possibilities are huge! I guess, instead of joining a new social network and using your email address to search for people you know on there already, you would be able to use your Facebook contact list, or your Youtube contact list or Flickr etc etc. Stay tuned for more untimely, late announcements.



  1. Varun  •  Jun 27, 2008 @12:01 pm

    This is interesting. I see this as the way to go for Future of Social Networking. In my last post I have talked about Social Omnipresence which will spark the next gen of killer apps around Social Networking. I agree that this opens a world of whole new possiblilties and equivalents of Digg and Technoratti coming into the scene soon.

  2. admin  •  Jun 27, 2008 @1:04 pm

    Hey Varun, thanks for the comment and bringing the concept of social omnipresence to my attention. Had not heard of it before.

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