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A Matter Of Perspective


Yes indeed, it is all a matter of perspective, looking at the above picture, what you don’t realise is that each of those desktops are the same size!

Ok so that is bollocks, but I hope you are enjoying the view of my Nokia N97 + Asus EEE PC + Samsung 32” LCD. Each one has a very important part to play in my working set up at the moment, as you can see below…

All that tech, and still probably the most important thing is the note pad and pen… weird hey?

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Last Day At 1000heads


Yes it is true, today is my last day working for 1000heads.

In my 3 ½ years I have been an Account Assistant, WOM Analyst, Relationship Exec/Manager, and a Community Exec. Now its time for a change, to move onto pastures new and put my hand to something different, what or where this will be you will just have to wait and see. Many of you will have seen my commute rants over the last few months, this has of course had a massive influence on my decision.

A lot of people reading this will have met me, been introduced to me, had the misfortune of me contacting them because of my work at 1000heads. I would like to thank everyone I’ve been involved with, it has been an excellent experience and would not change a minute of it. Well maybe the 5am start to get to Manchester to sit on a street corner for 8 hours in the rain.

A couple of confessions which I have to admit to:

1) I once intentionally wasted 3 staples.
2) I once lost a pen under a train.
3) I once left a business card on a plane with the hope the Stewardess would find it.

I just hope that I can be forgiven for these misdemeanors and that they are not held against me in the future.

Tonight sees a small leaving bash with the ‘heads crew, this may get messy, as has been known in the past. I’m thinking London Beer Fest, Away Day @ Oxford Four Pillars, any Xmas / Bday outing and many more.

I have always kept my work there and my writing / thoughts here very separate so nothing is going to change there. If anything it will give me a little more license to express myself how I wish. Cue brand ranting.

Now all the dirt from the inside… just kidding!


Halted Evolution


Driving home from work today, listening to the radio as per usual, the wonders of Radio 5 live. The news came on, nothing different there of course, this happens every day. A story which I didn’t expect to hear was all about evolution. I know I know, not a new subject, in fact it has been around a fairly long time. Anyway…

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San Francisco Day 1 P1


What a day! All that was required was a simple flight over to the States on Sunday 16th, for a few days work trip to San Francisco. Was it that easy/straight forward? Of course not.

Getting to Terminal 5 was easy, quick and quiet drive, plenty room in car park and no wait for a bus to the terminal. All sounding easy so far. After checking my bag in I wondered off and ridiculously randomly bumped into Dan M and his lady, a school friend who was popping over to New York for a week holiday.

Second weird thing I noticed was a group of Americans, who had loads of music gear to check in. From a closer inspection they had clearly just played at Download festival and were heading back to the states. Still haven’t been able to work out how they were though, best guesses from pictures on Download website suggests either A Day To Remember or Alesana. Unfortunately neither have a blog which I can link to and see if it was them.

Once my flight gate popped up it was time to stop stalking the emo band and move on. Whilst walking to the gate an Irish chap started chatting at me, so ended up wondering down to the gate with him. Before being interrupted by the Duty Free guy offering us a free cocktail, its 10am, who wants a cocktail at this time? Me! He whipped up some lemon thing with fancy vodka, as you can see his sales pitch worked well on me, I’ve remembered everything about his product. Woops. Strange incident number two, this Irish chap happened to be called Colin too and was seated a row behind me on the plane (admittedly on the other side).

Boarded plane, sat next to a 60 year old Indian lady who didn’t move other than to let the guy by the window out. The guy I’m sure is some form of social media geezer, he had a Firefox Tshirt on and read “The Google Story” book. So it that was you in seat 49J of flight BA285 get in touch.

Landed (yay) as per usual, and got off quick fast to try and get through security nice and quickly. A few more questions than normal and I was through, I blame the flip flops and shorts, now onto luggage claim. As normal, gotta wait around for a few minutes before the bags start flowing around on the conveyor belt. As they started flowing through I started watching out for mine, and watching and watching and watching. After 30 mins and there only being one bag left on the conveyor I gave up. Walked over to the luggage complaints/enquiries desk where a very slow BA employee had been lumbered with everything to deal with. She was very helpful and tracked my luggage, apparently it was on the plane. Not like everyone else’s which had been moved to the flight later that day. After another hour or so they finally found my luggage somewhere out the back, no idea where or why it wasn’t just put on the conveyor but I don’t care. There was nothing missing so I just left the airport for the easy trip to the hotel.

A short limo ride later, yes limo, well normal car with sweets and drinks, I was at the hotel. Quickly checked in and Galbo came down to meet me, this was the extent of his exercise for the day.

Got upstairs to my room on the 29th floor, walk in, and there is some luggage in the room. WTF? Why is there luggage in my room which isn’t mine? Rang reception who explained that the room had already been setup for a guest arriving later that day and that I would have to move. No real big deal, hopped down to the 14th floor which is where I now came to rest. Here’s the view from my window below. I think that pretty much wraps up the day, I am going to do a separate post about the dinner I had in a minute.


Day 1 Write-Up


Yes its time for more road/plane tripping. Today I flew to Los Angeles California. More specifically to LAX airport. Early start for this one, had to leave home at 6 to go pick Horsy up from the stables, to get to Terminal 5 in time. Yes Terminal 5!!! Its actually really quite nice in there. So much more organised than the others, the check-in system works and security took literally 2 minutes to get through. We cant blame T5 for Robbie being late can we…

So we got through all the boring stuff at the airport, grabbed a bite of breakfast before boarding. The plane was quite surprisingly quiet, we managed to grab some spare seats around us and just kinda “spread” out a bit. So instead of us three having 3 seats in a line we had me and Robbie in either end of the 3 and Horsy had the seat the other side of the aisle. Bonus! I had the aisle too, poor ickle Robbie wanted the window. Generally the flight was pretty standard, a lot smoother than the NY ones previously, except from a little incident just after take off where it felt like the plane hit a wall, literally dropped in the air. Ah well. Nothing else of interest, and lots more to say about the rest of the day.

After landing we jumped into a taxi across to the hotel. First thing to mention is the weather, what a fantastic day! Fantastic whilst in the air conditioned taxi anyway. The roads seemed very much like what you expect/see from/in films, big wide (10 lane) open freeways, everything looking scorched by the sun. Sand coloured buildings, Goodyear Blimp, Ikea (?). The roads were strangely quiet for lunch time on a week day though, no explanation for this, maybe everyone was busy at work.

The hotel was fabulous, check out the pictures on their website here from the room there was a kickass view of the bay and the sea! There are pictures of all this stuff around the place, here in a post and here on Flickr. After fondling around in the hotel briefly we headed out to see the venue we had lined up for the Get Together tomorrow night. google had told us that it was 58 seconds away from the hotel, you could see the sign from the hotel, all signs positive, still took us 30 minutes to find it, my fault, wrong turn. The buggers there wouldn’t let us go up and see the room BOOO. Sod it then, lets go to the beach! We found that fine surprise surprise. This was the Long Beach of Long Beach, if that makes sense. I’m sure it’s where Baywatch has been filmed in parts, again pictures around the place. Lasted all the way until the walk back to the hotel to start to fear being burnt.

Quick shower, then off to dinner with Jen and Amir. Jen picked us up from the hotel and we drove over to the restaurant. I’ve never had Japanese, and I can’t remember the name of the place. The food was really good, but the portions were rather large, means we got to take a take away box with any left overs.

Back to the hotel, little bit of work and pretty much passed straight out. It was 5am body clock time, so I think we had a valid excuse.

Anyway, more tomorrow.


New York Day 3


What’s happened today then, I only have ten mins to write this or “today” will no longer be accurate.

Was up again stupidly early, I blame Visser for the this as he Twittered, which sms alerted me. As the timezones are screwy it woke me up. Started working around 6, got angry at my alarm for going off at 9, suggesting I should be just waking up. Whereas I’d been at it for hours already.

Donut for breakfast, then we popped (Horsy cantered) down to Dunkin again for smoothies and stuff… Busy day working after this, nothing really interesting! Watched the Liverpool game on my TV in my room, great result! Wont say tooo much about it.

Tonight, I went out on my own, walked down to Times Square where I was meeting up with Giggedy and the mate he was travelling with. Quick beer in the ESPNzone bar, then onto Hard Rock Cafe for dinner! Great food, had a Beef Brisket (yes I had to ask the waitress wtf that meant), was very very nice! Popped into a recommended Irish bar after this for a final pint and a rather oversized Tanqueray 10. Wondered back on my own (slightly hesitant) but was fine. Strange that here they collect rubbish in the evening. Meaning that the only vehicles around were taxis and bin men.

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New York Day 2 Pictures


Lazy strikes, not got time to post a special post about pictures from day 2. I will update the facebook album here asap.

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New York Day 2


What have I got up to today then… weird night sleep, woke up after about 2 hours of sleep, then from there on in I was kinda awake and kinda asleep. That dozey state where you don’t know what state you are in!

At around 7 I gave up and got up and started working… breakfast via room service at 9ish, American breakfast to be exact. Eggs bacon Roast potatoes, go figure. Bad cup of tea! Pretty much straight after breakfast we had to run over to Smartfusion offices to collect some devices for work, this was cool, again got to see some more of NYC. Taxi back got lost, when we said we wanted 70 Park Avenue, he tried to take us to 70th and Park Ave. This is approximately 40 blocks away from where we wanted to be. The guy got to about 58th before Horsey realised and turned him around. Strangly only added about 2 quid to the fare.

Work in the room all afternoon, broken up by a trip to Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. My first Mocha, not bad to be honest! Tasted of hot chocolate, and I didn’t need to fall asleep all afternoon. I will probably need another couple tomorrow to stop this again though.

Evening, chilled out from around 7-7.30, watched some Fam Guy, call it a break! Then back to work, got a call that the bosses were expecting me in the bar to talk business (instead of meeting up with a mate for drinks). Sat there talking business until they threw us out at 11. Went upstairs, bath, work, now sat in bed writing this before passing out and sleep! Can’t wait!

Gunna watch some of the Conan O’Brian show and fall asleep, pictures of today tomorrow, not so many today. But will bulk it out with some room pictures!



New York Day 1


I am absolutely exhausted! At the time of writing this it is 10.40pm NYC time… which is 3.40am UK time and I’ve been up and at work from 9, travelling since 12. Shattered.

The flight was fine, my first long haul trip and I was very well behaved. Too lazy to get laptop down or anything, read lots of Richard Hammonds autobiography (more on this later posts I guess), watched some of the inflight entertainment, watched the strange people on the plane, the usual! Took loads of beautiful pictures from the plane of the clouds etc, will post them up tomorrow. Couldn’t take many pictures once I got into town tonight because my phone (=camera) battery is dead. Will sort it in the morning and get them up.

Went out for dinner tonight with Horsy, went to a really friendly little pub. Had a G&T to start with, the dude free poured a 50/50 Gin/Tonic. My type of pub! Had a Bud Light next, very nice actually! The food… tasted great, but was big, Horsy and I both felt kinda sick from the plane still and really didn’t eat much at all. Feel bad because it was by no means a statement of the food quality that we didn’t eat it, imagine trying to eat a massive dinner at 2.30 in the morning!

Hotel is nice, they have someone that opens the door for me! Front door, not bedroom door, that would be weird. Will take pictures around the place tomorrow. There was some confusion at first though… I get given my room cards and we get in the lift. Look at my room number, is that 415 or 418?? Shit, well there’s room 415, I’ll try that. Card let me in, good sign, walk in radio is already playing, weird. Look around everything seems to be in order, ewww complimentary bottle of wine in an ice cooler, ace, little welcome card too. “Welcome Ms Lowe” WTF? I head straight to reception to find out whats going on, apparently she cancelled her stay last night, and therefore they left the complimentary stuff she was offered in the room for me. Can’t complain I guess, definitely locking the door tonight on the off chance she tries to show up (keep Horsy out too). Means I get to choose if she shares this huge bed *wink*

Ciao for now!

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New York Trip


I’m off to New York tomorrow 😀

Its a work trip, but any trip is a trip it has to be said. What will I be doing… work wise it will be the normal stuff, social wise it will be a world of difference! Drinking American beers in American bars in an American city. Sounds good to me! The sights, I’ll be staying right next to the Empire State building, Madison Square Gardens and maybe even the good lady!

On realising that this post was really going anywhere I thought I best at least lead it to somewhere, so will hopefully get a good photo update going on whilst there. (If data charges don’t rape me too hard).

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