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Day 1 Write-Up


Yes its time for more road/plane tripping. Today I flew to Los Angeles California. More specifically to LAX airport. Early start for this one, had to leave home at 6 to go pick Horsy up from the stables, to get to Terminal 5 in time. Yes Terminal 5!!! Its actually really quite nice in there. So much more organised than the others, the check-in system works and security took literally 2 minutes to get through. We cant blame T5 for Robbie being late can we…

So we got through all the boring stuff at the airport, grabbed a bite of breakfast before boarding. The plane was quite surprisingly quiet, we managed to grab some spare seats around us and just kinda “spread” out a bit. So instead of us three having 3 seats in a line we had me and Robbie in either end of the 3 and Horsy had the seat the other side of the aisle. Bonus! I had the aisle too, poor ickle Robbie wanted the window. Generally the flight was pretty standard, a lot smoother than the NY ones previously, except from a little incident just after take off where it felt like the plane hit a wall, literally dropped in the air. Ah well. Nothing else of interest, and lots more to say about the rest of the day.

After landing we jumped into a taxi across to the hotel. First thing to mention is the weather, what a fantastic day! Fantastic whilst in the air conditioned taxi anyway. The roads seemed very much like what you expect/see from/in films, big wide (10 lane) open freeways, everything looking scorched by the sun. Sand coloured buildings, Goodyear Blimp, Ikea (?). The roads were strangely quiet for lunch time on a week day though, no explanation for this, maybe everyone was busy at work.

The hotel was fabulous, check out the pictures on their website here from the room there was a kickass view of the bay and the sea! There are pictures of all this stuff around the place, here in a post and here on Flickr. After fondling around in the hotel briefly we headed out to see the venue we had lined up for the Get Together tomorrow night. google had told us that it was 58 seconds away from the hotel, you could see the sign from the hotel, all signs positive, still took us 30 minutes to find it, my fault, wrong turn. The buggers there wouldn’t let us go up and see the room BOOO. Sod it then, lets go to the beach! We found that fine surprise surprise. This was the Long Beach of Long Beach, if that makes sense. I’m sure it’s where Baywatch has been filmed in parts, again pictures around the place. Lasted all the way until the walk back to the hotel to start to fear being burnt.

Quick shower, then off to dinner with Jen and Amir. Jen picked us up from the hotel and we drove over to the restaurant. I’ve never had Japanese, and I can’t remember the name of the place. The food was really good, but the portions were rather large, means we got to take a take away box with any left overs.

Back to the hotel, little bit of work and pretty much passed straight out. It was 5am body clock time, so I think we had a valid excuse.

Anyway, more tomorrow.


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