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Sat Nav Test

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So today I was lucky enough to take delivery of a Mio Moov Spirit V505 from Brands2Life. The in car Sat Nav system which as a little quirk works as a built in TV as well, this isn’t something which I’ll be fiddling too much with today though.

Tonight we are driving to London, to a part of London we haven’t driven to before so an accurate Sat Nav will be a lifesaver. First thoughts on the Mio are good, the big buttons make everything easy to do, and I’m sure even easier when driving along! I have already been able to program in the destination for later which saves time, I don’t have a GPS signal in my room to plan the route however, which is no surprise as I struggle for Vodafone signal as well.

As a comparison I will also have my N97 out, to test out the new(ish) free Ovi Maps navigation support. It’s about time this service became free, could this be the thing which clinches the mobile Sat Nav marked? And probably more importantly pushes Nokia users to use Ovi services instead of Google ones… Until now I have always been a Google Maps man so we will have to wait and see how it goes. My main concern is battery life, I some what doubt the N97 can handle 2 hours worth of ‘doing’ without a charge.

So what points will I be comparing:

  • Time taken to plan out the route
  • The planned route
  • Accuracy of route
  • Appropriate warning times
  • Display + Instructions
  • Anything else which comes up

A Matter Of Perspective


Yes indeed, it is all a matter of perspective, looking at the above picture, what you don’t realise is that each of those desktops are the same size!

Ok so that is bollocks, but I hope you are enjoying the view of my Nokia N97 + Asus EEE PC + Samsung 32” LCD. Each one has a very important part to play in my working set up at the moment, as you can see below…

All that tech, and still probably the most important thing is the note pad and pen… weird hey?

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N97 Home Screen


What do you have on your home screen? Mine above has the usual clock, date and profile. Underneath this a batch of frequently used contacts (also known as favourites), originally I selected a really bad picture of each person for this, Donna’s is too bad to not censor out. The picture of Hannababe is the exception which proves the rule as I only had good ones of her. Grr.

App wise we have new message, browser, Google maps, Mobbler, contacts, BBC Iplayer, Gallery (which I don’t like), and Dabr.

Any recommendations?

I am currently working on sporting up the background A LOT!

Let me know.


Road Run – 12/4

bupa 10k

View Road Run – 12/4/09 in a larger map

Activity Running
Start time 12.04.09 11:48
Duration 24 min 26 s
Distance 4.62 km
Speed (average) 11.3 km/h km/h
Speed (max) 22.0 km/h km/h
Pace (average) 5 min 17 s per km
Pace (max) 2 min 43 s per km
Altitude (min) 88 m
Altitude (max) 121 m


The Dream Phone? – N97


Something I have only very rarely written about before, mobile tech stuff. Those who know me know I’m a bit of a phone nut, using it as a camera mainly to stop myself having to carry extra equip around. However, today I cannot resist.

Nokia today announced the N97, the love child of the 5800 and the E90, both phones which I’ve wanted / want right now. So surely it’s perfect for me?

Whatley agrees, and strangely, he also used the phrase “lovechild”, maybe I subconsciously read it and copied? Who knows.

I’ve borrowed one of the pictures from the S60 blog, thanks Ani, check out the full article here.


Update Update Update


Again, a post which I potentially promised not to post like this again for 6 months, well I lasted 2 since my last update. Anyway, an update on why I’ve been so MIA recently and not updating my blog / reading my feeds / spamming on Twitter, Jaiku, Friendfeed etc.

There are three simple reasons for this, in chronological order:

1) A lot of my posting is done through Nokia Lifeblog direct from my N95 8GB. To make this work on WordPress you have to add a wonderful script which PhoneBoy wrote. I have recently upgraded my WordPress version to 2.6, and the script no longer worked properly, all the images were rendered at the wrong size and looked strange so had to stop posting until my PHP expert buddy takes a look for me.

2) I have moved house, and with a busy work schedule have been unable to do much whilst at work. BT are being slow in installing our Broadband, so looks like I wont be back fully online until Friday. That’s not long now though!

3)This is more of an update on point 1, on my image problem when posting from Lifeblog, the problem has got a little more terminal. I updated my N95 8GB firmware, to the latest V30 version and now when you click on “Post to Web”, “Send” Lifeblog crashes. Meaning that I don’t think I will ever be able to post from my mobile again. This is a great disappointment to me, I have been looking into other solutions, only thing I’ve found is Wavelog. But everything I’ve read on this says its useless? By everything I mainly mean this post by All About Symbian.

Any ideas on cures for points 1 / 3 would be hugely appreciated. Otherwise, thanks for your patients and hope you continue to read whatever rubbish I put up.


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