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Update Update Update


Again, a post which I potentially promised not to post like this again for 6 months, well I lasted 2 since my last update. Anyway, an update on why I’ve been so MIA recently and not updating my blog / reading my feeds / spamming on Twitter, Jaiku, Friendfeed etc.

There are three simple reasons for this, in chronological order:

1) A lot of my posting is done through Nokia Lifeblog direct from my N95 8GB. To make this work on WordPress you have to add a wonderful script which PhoneBoy wrote. I have recently upgraded my WordPress version to 2.6, and the script no longer worked properly, all the images were rendered at the wrong size and looked strange so had to stop posting until my PHP expert buddy takes a look for me.

2) I have moved house, and with a busy work schedule have been unable to do much whilst at work. BT are being slow in installing our Broadband, so looks like I wont be back fully online until Friday. That’s not long now though!

3)This is more of an update on point 1, on my image problem when posting from Lifeblog, the problem has got a little more terminal. I updated my N95 8GB firmware, to the latest V30 version and now when you click on “Post to Web”, “Send” Lifeblog crashes. Meaning that I don’t think I will ever be able to post from my mobile again. This is a great disappointment to me, I have been looking into other solutions, only thing I’ve found is Wavelog. But everything I’ve read on this says its useless? By everything I mainly mean this post by All About Symbian.

Any ideas on cures for points 1 / 3 would be hugely appreciated. Otherwise, thanks for your patients and hope you continue to read whatever rubbish I put up.


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