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A Matter Of Perspective


Yes indeed, it is all a matter of perspective, looking at the above picture, what you don’t realise is that each of those desktops are the same size!

Ok so that is bollocks, but I hope you are enjoying the view of my Nokia N97 + Asus EEE PC + Samsung 32” LCD. Each one has a very important part to play in my working set up at the moment, as you can see below…

All that tech, and still probably the most important thing is the note pad and pen… weird hey?

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Twitter Phone

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You will have seen the constant Twitter feed been spamming along on the left hand sidebar, and daily post about the updates. The wonders of WordPress twitter plugins. My newest addition is to add my phone to the Twitter account. Now this basically means that when certain friends post to their Twitter feed, I get a text message with the update. There is a limit on 250 texts a week, but to be honest if I got anywhere near that many I’d turn it straight off.

Luckily, there is a feature to stop it texting you at night, by settings your “sleep” period. Mines set very conservatively so no trying to post Twitter updates in the middle of the night/early in the morning in an attempt to wake me up!

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