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The Broken Interweb


What an exciting afternoon, with Twitter down, Facebook struggling and Flickr hiccupping. Turns out that Twitter was being DDos’ed… no idea on Facebook or Flickr.

What more could you want from a day? Begs the question why the hell I’m writing about this…

Some Twitter coverage here on their blog, their status blog and on Wired. Facebook stuff can be read about on Mashable and I think I made up the rest.



The Ashes First Test Tweets

cricket, twitter

As you know, I am a huge cricket fan, therefore The Ashes is a very exciting time for me. I can’t think of much interesting stuff to do relating to it at the moment so I will start off by aggregating my tweets for each test.

So here is the first test from Cardiff:

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Daddy Needs A New Toy


I need a new toy, and I think I have decided what it will be…

Have you seen the Asus 1008HA Seashell? Looks mighty nice to me, and it looks like it works, yes of course looks can be deceiving, will play before I buy.

Slashgear have my favourite picture so far:

I wonder why?

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Where Do You Comment?

socialmedia, twitter

Have been thinking about this for a few days, with the ways my content is cross pollinated across a number of different sites there are a number of ways readers can comment.

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The Anatomy Of A Facebook Meme


This is definitely the worst thing I have ever read on Mashable! Ok maybe worst is a little harsh. I am a big fan of Mashable and think that a lot of the insight there is great and of huge use to the readers. However this isn’t the case for this article, I have read some of Dan Zarrella’s other stuff and I thought it was good, but this piece co-authored by Alison Driscoll is weak.

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Personal Twitter Stats


There is nothing much wrong with being on Twitter anymore, I remember when I signed up back in ‘07 that there was a certain level of faux pas about being on there. Now, well you’re nobody if you’re not on Twitter (yeah yeah I know those lyrics are probably copywrited to Ben – I’m sure you don’t mind mate?).

This sparked me to think… what was my first tweet? I can proudly say it was total rubbish! I mean total rubbish! Check it out below or here.

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Mobile Bookmarks


I don’t suspect this is an even slightly original idea, but I thought I would do it anyway. What am I talking about? Take a screengrab of your top bookmarks on your mobile.

Mine is here:

Let me now explain what they are, most are very self explanatory…

1) Dabr – Best mobile Twitter client I have come across so far. Simple, works, and gives me everything I need. Easy to check updates, easy to post and easy to track searches/hashtags on the move.
2) Windows Live Hotmail – Hotmail email.
3) 1000heads – Work email.
4) Facebook – Obvious.
5) Google – I wonder?
6) National Rail – Cool wap service to check out train schedule, arrivals and departures.
7) BBC Mobile – Keep up with news and sport scores, not the most updated by the easiest to access.

So, how does yours look?

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Oxford Twestival (#oxtwestival)


I’m currently working on a couple of little side projects, the closest of which is Oxford Twestival on February 12th at the Cape of Good Hope in Oxford. I agreed to help organise this a little while ago now, and the date has flown up on us. By “us” I mean myself and my two accomplices: Jake and Sylwia. What is Twestival I hear you ask, well it’s basically an opportunity for people who know each other on Twitter to meetup in person and share a drink. Twestival is special because there are 175+ events being held simultaneously around the world all to raise money for the charity Water.

Why am I involved? Simply because I like to be involved in fun things like this, this is a great chance to meet more people in Oxford with similar interests and its of course all in aid of a good cause.

You can read more about what’s going on here:
You can follow the latest updates on what’s going on here:
And most importantly buy tickets here:

Hope to see you there, I’ll be the one in the hat.

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Twitter Acquire Summize


Hey guys, so here’s something I covered a while ago. A new search tool for Twitter (my main addiction other than blogging) called Summize. Interesting Summize has already been rebranded as

Well it appears that Twitter have liked the look of it too, Techcrunch announce today that Twitter have acquired the much smaller company Summize. Of the 6 Summize staff, 5 will join the Twitter engineering team in California (I know exactly where it is as I’ve been there :D). The Summize founder Jay Verdy has decided to move onto pastures new.

Check out the full article on TechCrunch here.

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San Francisco Day 3


I shall skip the boring parts of day 3, breakfast and morning work were boring as you can expect. Lunch picked up, we went to meet up with Eddie from, he’s one of the assistant directors of the Spike Lee collaboration film called Nokia Productions (good name hey?!?), and more importantly, he is a thoroughly nice chap. He’d recommended that we go to this little French bistro in South Park. And very nice it was too, I was still bulging from breakfast and the site of the massive baguette was exactly what I needed. As we left Eddie took us on a brief tour of the landmarks, the building opposite was the Twitter HQ. I resisted twittering saying I was outside (just), now I kinda wish I had photo’ed, but to be honest it would have been a boring picture. The office looks more like a little secluded house, there was no forms of branding etc. The next place on the web 2.0 tour was the Organic building, where Wired is/was based and where Yahoo do a load of stuff. Uber interesting to see how unglamorous these places are.

Hotel, work, boring, prep for the event in the evening. The event went really well and everyone seemed to have a good time. I wont go into detail.

Afterwards we popped for another drink with Eddie, I don’t know where this bar was because Eddie drove, all I remember is an extensive list of whiskeys/gins on a chalk board. Sehr cool.

That’s day 3 done and dusted.

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