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Which Way Would You Go?


I get off the bus at Marble Arch and have to walk to Piccadilly Circus, Google original told me this route:

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Which basically entails walking a long way down Oxford Street, which is never a nice road to walk along due to the sheer volume of people.

Now Google has decided to offer up this route:

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Which is actually quite a tempting route, in my infinite wisdom, on the first day I found a route for myself:

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Google Wave Song


“Google give us a wave, Google Google give us a wave….



I can see it now being sung, football hooligan style at all IT conventions across the globe. Back to the point, I have Wave now (thanks to Sylvia), shout if you want my ID, or drop me yours. IF I know you I might even add you as a contact.

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Mobile Bookmarks


I don’t suspect this is an even slightly original idea, but I thought I would do it anyway. What am I talking about? Take a screengrab of your top bookmarks on your mobile.

Mine is here:

Let me now explain what they are, most are very self explanatory…

1) Dabr – Best mobile Twitter client I have come across so far. Simple, works, and gives me everything I need. Easy to check updates, easy to post and easy to track searches/hashtags on the move.
2) Windows Live Hotmail – Hotmail email.
3) 1000heads – Work email.
4) Facebook – Obvious.
5) Google – I wonder?
6) National Rail – Cool wap service to check out train schedule, arrivals and departures.
7) BBC Mobile – Keep up with news and sport scores, not the most updated by the easiest to access.

So, how does yours look?

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Google Latitude Stalking


Who wants to be the first person to stalk me using Google Latitude?

Check it out here.


Google Chrome


Let’s talk Google Chrome, warning, this will not be the best post you ever read about it, nor will it be the most in depth. But it sure as hell will be entertaining, for me.

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Google Sky

random, tv

Ohhh yeah… You’ve all heard of Google Earth, now there is Google Sky! Working in a very similar manner, however of course the detail is not quite so “useful”.

Also, if you are really bored, check out Google Moon and Google Mars. Whatever next? I vote for Google Springfield or Google Quahog maybe, if we are lucky, Google Petoria!

Sources Mashable and Laughing Squid.

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