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Private Browsing


With the announcement that Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 will incorporate what they are calling private browsing I sigh with an air of resignation and start thinking about funny / legitimate reasons to use this feature.

The sigh is because this has been available on Chrome since its launch back at the start of Sept, read what I said about it then. The feature on Chrome is called “Incognito” and does the same thing as private browsing will on Firefox.

I know most of Firefox-fan-boys, bit I stay strong on Opera and Chrome, only using Firefox if I need a third browser open.

So, the fun bit, what would you use this feature for? Don’t say Porn!

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Google Chrome


Let’s talk Google Chrome, warning, this will not be the best post you ever read about it, nor will it be the most in depth. But it sure as hell will be entertaining, for me.

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