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Let’s talk Google Chrome, warning, this will not be the best post you ever read about it, nor will it be the most in depth. But it sure as hell will be entertaining, for me.

A little more information first, before I go over some of the initial thoughts people have been having of the new toy. Google Chrome is the new open source web browser which has been launched today (2nd Sept) by, as you can guess, Google. The idea behind it is to offer a browsing experience which is more suited to today’s web user, one which is quicker, more stable and more secure, one which incorporates all the new content on the web. The rationale is that since most browsers were developed, the way we use the web has changed, and resultantly the way the browser is designed should be changed.

What does all this mean, and what have they actually done? I will try to explain this in my own words, which will be the proving factor on whether I have understood any of it. Basically, the theory is that a redesign of how the memory processes work will make the browser quicker and more stable. Instead of the PC assigning a specific amount of memory to run however many tabs are required by the browser, Chrome works by assigning each tab its only specific memory allowance. This basically means that if one tab starts to crash only this one tab will freeze, rather than the entire browser. You can also do a Task Manager for the browser alone to see which tabs are using up the memory etc. The separate memory allocation for each tab also means that any memory leak is restricted to that tab, again rather than the entire browser. Same situation with security, any naughty things going on will be restricted to the tab, and desist once that tab is closed I wonder if I was anywhere near accurate? May be a good idea to read Scott McCloud’s comic interpretation here for a full debrief.

First thoughts from alamster, “Elegant”, also a nice little installation guide for XP. Extremely simple me thinks. Justin Levine thinks that Firefox still has the edge, hoping that add ons will soon help Chrome catch up.

Some of the negative, Jonathan Greene has picked up some issues with Facebook which he has been Twittering about, not allowing him to comment on friend’s status updates. This does appear to be a problem which others are having, including myself. The other questions have been over the small print, CNet news have reported on this, sparking discussion all over the place. Check it out here.

Hope this helps!


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