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The Anatomy Of A Facebook Meme


This is definitely the worst thing I have ever read on Mashable! Ok maybe worst is a little harsh. I am a big fan of Mashable and think that a lot of the insight there is great and of huge use to the readers. However this isn’t the case for this article, I have read some of Dan Zarrella’s other stuff and I thought it was good, but this piece co-authored by Alison Driscoll is weak.

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Private Browsing


With the announcement that Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 will incorporate what they are calling private browsing I sigh with an air of resignation and start thinking about funny / legitimate reasons to use this feature.

The sigh is because this has been available on Chrome since its launch back at the start of Sept, read what I said about it then. The feature on Chrome is called “Incognito” and does the same thing as private browsing will on Firefox.

I know most of Firefox-fan-boys, bit I stay strong on Opera and Chrome, only using Firefox if I need a third browser open.

So, the fun bit, what would you use this feature for? Don’t say Porn!

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How To…


Everyone knows how “with-it” Mashable is, they’re at the forefront of social media news and goings on. I’m sure everyone with an interest in the space subscribes to it and frequently reads to check whats going on.

Even though they have been doing this for a while, I thought I would mention some of the “How to…” articles they have published recently. How to use Google Reader which has just been refreshed, also how to use Google Maps.

Good read, enjoy!

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