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How To…


Everyone knows how “with-it” Mashable is, they’re at the forefront of social media news and goings on. I’m sure everyone with an interest in the space subscribes to it and frequently reads to check whats going on.

Even though they have been doing this for a while, I thought I would mention some of the “How to…” articles they have published recently. How to use Google Reader which has just been refreshed, also how to use Google Maps.

Good read, enjoy!

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Xobni Beta


First social media style update for a while, and this one is a little let obviously social media related. However, the email improving add-on for outlook “Xobni” has just gone from invite only beta to open beta.

Have been using this for around a month now, after being invited by a certain Mr Brewski. It’s a really nifty little bit of kit, aslong as its not crashing outlook. Which does seem to happen, hopefully future updates etc will make it a lot more stable. It gives you a sidebar list of everything you need relating to the person who sent you the email you are viewing, the most useful personally is the list of shared files.

Information stolen from Mashable, read it here.

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Twitter Search Summize

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Noticed this a couple of days ago but not had time to blog about it. As I’m getting more and more addicted to Twitter I have been paying more attention to Twitter news… and this is the latest and greatest! New Twitter search engine called Summize, see here. Summize is an existing search engine to find user opinion on products/people/anything.

Something I hadn’t noticed in my first look around was the ability to search by polarity of sentiment, according to Laughing Squid this is done by the emoticons in tweets. Very clever! So thanks to Laughing Squid, more accurately Scott Beale for this insight!

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Signed up for earlier, you can see the link in the blogroll on the right or you can follow this link here.

My first video, just happens to be a stalker vid of Horsy, she didnt realise she was being filmed, 8 minutes of film later, she still hadn’t realised. Not till just after I stopped the stream did she realise.

For those who don’t know what is, it basiaclly allows you to stream video live from your mobile phone to the internet! COOOOLLL!


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