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Radley College Randomness


Sometimes funny things happen when you least expect them to (is that what makes them funny?).

I’ve recently been arranging pre-season Cricket nets for the club at one of the local colleges. I have selected to use Radley College as they have some of the best facilities in the area and because Straussy went there.

Radley College is over 150 years old, and very much set in its way. The cliché boys boarding school: no girls; lots of lessons; strange looking tutors; almost military discipline. Check out the grounds, oh yes they offer Golf as a sport and have their own course:

I would have gone there myself, but my hair is too long, and I quote:

No dyed or highlighted hair is allowed.

Hair should be kept neat, tidy and off the ears and collar at all times, but not excessively short.

Anyway, I digress from the story…

I emailed them earlier today, asking for confirmation of my booking after being told on the phone early last week that someone would get back to me ASAP with information. Nothing happened so I emailed. Now, I don’t know what goes on in Colleges like this, but the reply I got surprised me:

I told you about this lesbian just in case u cant remember, 3.30 down the road still, plus can drop off more leaflets and posters…..

It’s a lie, they didn’t tell me anything about lesbians, for a boys school this seems slightly off the cuff.

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Evil Email


I knew my email was evil, but I never realised quite how evil it was…


Xobni Beta


First social media style update for a while, and this one is a little let obviously social media related. However, the email improving add-on for outlook “Xobni” has just gone from invite only beta to open beta.

Have been using this for around a month now, after being invited by a certain Mr Brewski. It’s a really nifty little bit of kit, aslong as its not crashing outlook. Which does seem to happen, hopefully future updates etc will make it a lot more stable. It gives you a sidebar list of everything you need relating to the person who sent you the email you are viewing, the most useful personally is the list of shared files.

Information stolen from Mashable, read it here.

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