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A New Toy For Stalking


I spoke recently to people about how augmented reality was going to be the next big thing in mobile tech and this seems to be a big step in that direction.

Recognizr is an app which links a real person’s face to their social presences.

Recognizr works when the user points the camera at another person. Inbuilt face recognition software maps a 3D model of the subject and transmits the information to a remote server where it is matched with an identity already present in the database. This information is then sent back to the handset along with any relevant social networking information associated to that person, conveniently displayed above the persons head using little social icons.

Basically meaning that I can point this at strangers, and instantly follow them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc…

Unfortunately, this only works on people who are signed up, so its more like stalking people who want to be stalked… not entirely sure if its still stalking if they want to be stalked?

Read more on The Next Web or check out the official page.


Google Latitude Stalking


Who wants to be the first person to stalk me using Google Latitude?

Check it out here.


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