Where Do You Comment?

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Have been thinking about this for a few days, with the ways my content is cross pollinated across a number of different sites there are a number of ways readers can comment.

The most obvious one is on the article itself, here’s an example post which got some comments:

There is of course Twitter, where you can @reply a comment on articles because whenever I post an article, a Tweet is created to alert my followers that I have posted a new article. Here’s a comment I got recently:

Next is Facebook, as I mentioned above, when I publish an article I Tweet saying so, these Tweets feed into my Facebook status which again alerts my friends that I have posted. And the way Facebook now works you can comment on people’s status, here’s a couple I got on a recent article:

There is also Friendfeed, but I don’t use that much at all so I doubt I have had comments there.

I may put some more thoughts to this and try and explain why / who comments through which media, for now, which is your preference?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. BarneyC  •  Apr 27, 2009 @9:05 am

    Honestly there is no “right” solution yet. In an ideal world I should be able to use any commenting service I like and have it linked to your post. You in turn should be able to decide whether to allow it to be displayed on your blog/site/facebook etc…

    In other words comment systems just don’t work as they don’t interoperate or allow for portability – yet.

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