The Ashes First Test Tweets

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As you know, I am a huge cricket fan, therefore The Ashes is a very exciting time for me. I canโ€™t think of much interesting stuff to do relating to it at the moment so I will start off by aggregating my tweets for each test.

So here is the first test from Cardiff:

colinmercer: Finally there is an atmosphere again. We have got to get in their faces, as they have done to use for the last 20 yrs. #ashes
colinmercer: Top notch Freddie, thats who! Great catch #ashes
colinmercer: @pingudownunder we’ve been doing that for a while already, rain dance worked well yesterday #ashes
colinmercer: Katich should have gone, tough call for the umpire, Strauss / Swann would have referred that… #ashes #bringonreferralsystem
colinmercer: Monty appealing already #ashes
colinmercer: RT @trevslibrary: It’s Monty time! ๐Ÿ™‚ #ashes
colinmercer: @nickobeano convict colony is one of the better songs yes #ashes #barmyarmy
colinmercer: What is the song the army are singing? sounds like “i shagged matilda”, anyone? #ashes #barmyarmy
colinmercer: 10p to everyone following me if Pontings gets a golden #ashes
colinmercer: Has @Aggerscricket not seen @GeoffreyBoycott? I guess it might not be him… #ashes
colinmercer: @ElwoodGooner england are 46-1 #ashes
colinmercer: @thealanmercer what a surprise! ive taken the whole week off ๐Ÿ˜‰
colinmercer: Bopara off the mark in traditional fashion… #ashes
colinmercer: Simon Jones you have a very attractive lady friend… no wonder you’ve been ‘injured’ #ashes
colinmercer: Just heard about @bumblecricket – excited!
colinmercer: @nickobeano lots of work to go yet, wickets which have fallen have been soft #ashes
colinmercer: Fed up of Sky’s coverage of #ashes already, every 5 minutes there are adverts.
colinmercer: How can i listen to TMS when the only bands my radio has is FM and MW? #ashes
colinmercer: Great shot handsome broad #ashes
colinmercer: @ceejay2222 hehe, it would be cool to have #tdf on the laptop and cricket on tellly
colinmercer: Another wicket which can be accounted for by the thigh pad. a redesign is needed? #ashes
colinmercer: @Aggerscricket is that chappell or bruce forsyth?
colinmercer: @davidgryguc the guy chucking the red round thing at 94mph, who just dropped katich #ashes
colinmercer: Dear Australia, meet Freddie! #ashes
colinmercer: @BumbleCricket Cairns Fudge umpiring situation, OCA legislation is wrong. Give Wantage CC a shout out too, we need umpires!
colinmercer: RT @trevslibrary: It’s Monty time! ๐Ÿ™‚ #ashes
colinmercer: @nickobeano is all about waltzing matilda, thanks to @davetaprobane
colinmercer: RT @ECB_cricket: does anyone actually enjoy watching Katich bat? <– Lol at the comment and Lol at the source ๐Ÿ˜€

Fun hey?

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