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Daddy Needs A New Toy


I need a new toy, and I think I have decided what it will be…

Have you seen the Asus 1008HA Seashell? Looks mighty nice to me, and it looks like it works, yes of course looks can be deceiving, will play before I buy.

Slashgear have my favourite picture so far:

I wonder why?

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Jaiku Competition

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Sat 08/03/2008 11:44 08032008101

Oh yes, this really is your chance to win a half eaten open pack of Wasabi nuts! Sell by date is clearly printed as oct08.

All you need do is… Be the first to get me on jaiku! After google’s take over new user registrations have been closed, however members can invite. Send invite to colin[at] and comment here.

The prize will be posted via snail mail as soon as an address is supplied. Gooo team!

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