N97 Home Screen


What do you have on your home screen? Mine above has the usual clock, date and profile. Underneath this a batch of frequently used contacts (also known as favourites), originally I selected a really bad picture of each person for this, Donna’s is too bad to not censor out. The picture of Hannababe is the exception which proves the rule as I only had good ones of her. Grr.

App wise we have new message, browser, Google maps, Mobbler, contacts, BBC Iplayer, Gallery (which I don’t like), and Dabr.

Any recommendations?

I am currently working on sporting up the background A LOT!

Let me know.



  1. Al Pavangkanan  •  Aug 6, 2009 @4:58 pm

    Instead of photos, use Nokia Photo Browser. It should be in the Ovi Store (free of course)

    Instead of one wallpaper, use a bunch. My N97 cycles thru 40 images.

    Widgets I use:
    calendar, shortcuts, shortcuts2, email, music player

  2. Colin  •  Aug 6, 2009 @5:04 pm

    Hey Al,

    Playing with Photo Browser now, there is no menu system… ?

    I’m struggling to decide upon one background image, 40 would take weeks to decide upon :S

    Cheers pal 🙂

  3. lukeb3000  •  Aug 6, 2009 @6:14 pm

    Hey Colin is this a new phone upgrade?

    Just wondering what made you opt for a Nokia again? You may remember I had the N95. In terms of usability and hardware specs I find Nokia’s to be great, although they do have a tendency to break for no reason.

    When I upgrade I am hoping to go the iPhone route rather than for a Nokia this time. I usually opt for a phone with the best resolution camera (hence owning the N95) but this time I will be looking for a phone that allows me to browse the web, so I wondered what was in that influenced you to get the N97?

  4. Colin  •  Aug 7, 2009 @10:16 am

    Hey Luke,

    Yeah relatively new, around a month now.

    I am a Nokia addict, I understand how they work, why they work and what they can do. In the confort zone you could say…

    I did consider the Iphone, as one of my housemates has one, but it would be a little too faddy for me. The web browsing on the N97 is good! Would definitely recommend that you try it out instore before going to Iphone mate.


  5. Libby Murray  •  Apr 28, 2010 @12:36 pm

    The Nokia N97 is one of the best phones that i have ever owned. It is classy but feature packed. ‘

  6. Alexandra Cooper  •  Oct 5, 2010 @7:24 am

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