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Bupa 10k Result

bupa 10k

Run run run… that pretty much describes my bank holiday Monday. Yep the time had for me to take on 10k of London’s famous streets, starting at Green Park and hopefully finishing back along the Mall…

Had to get up to London for a 10am start, meant a nice and early 7am train, good start! Met up with rest of the team and we were ready to go:

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Time Is Running Out

bupa 10k

Yes time is running out (one pun intended), only 3 days to go until the big run on Monday 25th. Starting to get slightly nervous, my training has been extremely disrupted due to the start of the cricket season and by additional work shiz.

Therefore, I haven’t been for a long distance run in over 3 weeks, and haven’t done more than 6.5K at once. Making the 10k on Monday feel a little daunting…

Anyway the plan for the day will be to live location to my Sports Tracker account, and record a couple of QIK vids before and after. During if I get the urge but that is very very unlikely. I will put a post up on Sunday with all the details you would need to follow my “efforts”.

Finally, still plenty of time to sponsor me, need a few more to hit my target of £350, so anything you can spare would be hugely appreciated! Simple go here:

Wish me luck!

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Road Run – 25/4

bupa 10k

View Road Run 25/4/09 in a larger map

Activity Running
Start time 25.04.09 11:58
Duration 39 min 19 s
Distance 6.31 km
Speed (average) 9.63 km/h km/h
Speed (max) 20.8 km/h km/h
Pace (average) 6 min 13 s per km
Pace (max) 2 min 52 s per km
Altitude (min) 79.5 m
Altitude (max) 119.5 m


Road Run – 22/4

bupa 10k

So the excuse is that I ran this after work, and didn’t eat anything energy boosting pre-run. Not toooo bad though I guess.

View Road Run – 22/4/09 in a larger map

Activity Running
Start time 22.04.09 19:38
Duration 24 min 38 s
Distance 4.35 km
Speed (average) 10.6 km/h km/h
Speed (max) 24.9 km/h km/h
Pace (average) 5 min 39 s per km
Pace (max) 2 min 24 s per km
Altitude (min) 85 m
Altitude (max) 134 m

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Road Run – 12/4

bupa 10k

View Road Run – 12/4/09 in a larger map

Activity Running
Start time 12.04.09 11:48
Duration 24 min 26 s
Distance 4.62 km
Speed (average) 11.3 km/h km/h
Speed (max) 22.0 km/h km/h
Pace (average) 5 min 17 s per km
Pace (max) 2 min 43 s per km
Altitude (min) 88 m
Altitude (max) 121 m


Bupa London 10k


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My sponsorship page

Look at it this way, if everyone who is friends with me on Facebook sponsors me £1 and everyone who follows me on Twitter sponsors me £1 I will have around £1000.

So get to it people! For the record, you will be seeing all of these links A LOT over the next few months.

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