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New York Day 1


I am absolutely exhausted! At the time of writing this it is 10.40pm NYC time… which is 3.40am UK time and I’ve been up and at work from 9, travelling since 12. Shattered.

The flight was fine, my first long haul trip and I was very well behaved. Too lazy to get laptop down or anything, read lots of Richard Hammonds autobiography (more on this later posts I guess), watched some of the inflight entertainment, watched the strange people on the plane, the usual! Took loads of beautiful pictures from the plane of the clouds etc, will post them up tomorrow. Couldn’t take many pictures once I got into town tonight because my phone (=camera) battery is dead. Will sort it in the morning and get them up.

Went out for dinner tonight with Horsy, went to a really friendly little pub. Had a G&T to start with, the dude free poured a 50/50 Gin/Tonic. My type of pub! Had a Bud Light next, very nice actually! The food… tasted great, but was big, Horsy and I both felt kinda sick from the plane still and really didn’t eat much at all. Feel bad because it was by no means a statement of the food quality that we didn’t eat it, imagine trying to eat a massive dinner at 2.30 in the morning!

Hotel is nice, they have someone that opens the door for me! Front door, not bedroom door, that would be weird. Will take pictures around the place tomorrow. There was some confusion at first though… I get given my room cards and we get in the lift. Look at my room number, is that 415 or 418?? Shit, well there’s room 415, I’ll try that. Card let me in, good sign, walk in radio is already playing, weird. Look around everything seems to be in order, ewww complimentary bottle of wine in an ice cooler, ace, little welcome card too. “Welcome Ms Lowe” WTF? I head straight to reception to find out whats going on, apparently she cancelled her stay last night, and therefore they left the complimentary stuff she was offered in the room for me. Can’t complain I guess, definitely locking the door tonight on the off chance she tries to show up (keep Horsy out too). Means I get to choose if she shares this huge bed *wink*

Ciao for now!

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