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Side Project – CricHatter


You may have noticed that my Twitter bio changed, to include a couple of other sites I am now either running or involved with.

Today I wanted to talk a little more about A new Cricket (obviously) related site which I have recently set up.

What is it?
A site with Cricket news, editorials on the sport, individual teams or even a single player.

I love Cricket? There aren’t many sites doing a similar thing? It’s therapeutic? Take your pick…

Where is it going?
I hope to turn it into an advice platform for anyone who wants information about Cricket related matters. Ranging from tips on skills, technique or the game, to advice on equipment, clubs and tours.

Most recently I have been writing about my decision to buy a new Bat this season, there was The Decision… and The Purchase…

Check it out, let me know what you think, follow it on Twitter (@crichatter).

Do you love Cricket too? If you want to contribute let me know…

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Use Formspring To Question Me


I came across an interesting site whilst perusing the internet last night:

The premise of the site is simple, answer questions, but in a different way to Yahoo Answers. Here you answer questions which people have directly asked of you. I see potentially here for corporate use as well as personal, I’m just having mine as a bit of fun. So, if you have any burning questions to ask me fire away!

[Disclaimer: I do not promise to answer truthfully.]

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