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Venture Into The Cold Wilderness


This weekend I went over to Bristol for my Bro’s birthday din dins. A group of us went to Zero Degrees for pizza, good pizza at that! Thanks to @photobliss @ghosts_galleons @jefffo @mercer182 for making it an ace evening.

However this is not what I want to talk about… I want to show you where I went on the way to pick another (non tweeting) friend.

In the middle of no where, down a steep hill (that was fun in the snow) we came across his little ‘hippie compound’. A couple of tent houses, they’re called Turks apparently, one for the family and one for my mate. We had a little walk around in the woods, a couple of snaps below. Everything there is outdoors, the kitchen, toilets, showers etc outside, it was cold, very cold.

But the view is almost certainly worth it (click the images for the large view)!

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Ice On The Car


Slightly unauthodox ice though…

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