Dear Mr Walkers…


Dear Gary Linekar (Or whom it concerns at Walkers)

I am an avid fan of yours, a keen Match of the Day viewer and a followers of the Master golf whenever you are in charge, I even have a friend who used to live down the road from you!

Thank you very much for making larger size bags, they are very satisfying and filling. However can you please stop making them appear emptier when I open them? This leads to disappointment on opening and a lack of sensation for the first few crisps. I feel it should be an important part of any package campaign to give the right impression throughout, so to help you out a little I have drawn a little picture:

As you can see, I would rather have fewer crisps and a smaller bag which appears fuller, than an oversized bag which appears half full.

I hope you can take this onboard when planning your next bag sizes.

Kind regards


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ash Matadeen  •  May 14, 2009 @3:14 pm

    I share your disappointment with these over-sized bags but my theory is: the bigger bags have more gas in them and therefore result in less crushed/crumbled up crisps. Just my 2p.

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