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How Very Alcopopular3


You may have been wondering what my tweets were about that look a little strange with random first words and referencing Well I shall explain, of course if you’ve been to that URL already then you will know something about it, but this is for those who haven’t bothered.

Basically Alcopopular3 is the latest compilation from Alcopop records, this is slightly different though, its only available as a bottle or mp3’s. Brilliant!

Anyway, the tweets, I got exclusive access to the tracks, a perk of knowing Jakkychamp, and each day for the next two weeks I will be reviewing a track in one tweet. The first word is the band name. So yeah keep an eye out and see what you think, hopefully I will drive some sales – LOL.

Proud to have received a special mention already!


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Home Made CD


I got bored a while back and made a CD for someone. I thought I would share the playlist from said CD. Jakkychamp from Alcopop records will be happy!

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