Asus 1008HA Saga Part1


Let the saga begin..

I feel there is going to be a little (a lot) of ‘told ya so’s’ flying in my direction over the next few days, but anyway I did go ahead and buy an Asus 1008HA last week and it arrived on Wednesday. I love it, it is insanely small and brilliant to use, the keyboard is a tapping pleasure.

However, last night I used it plugged into the mains for a couple of hours then went to bed, unplugging the machine from the mains. It turned off and wouldn’t come back on unless plugged into the mains. I thought, maybe it’s the battery overheating or something so installed speed fan to take a look at the temperatures, everything seems fine. Opened control panel to check the battery levels, maybe its not charging properly from the mains – status 100%.

Went to bed and hoped for the best this morning, but as expected really the problem continues. I have emailed the Asus support team (no phone number WTF?), I have pestered @asusuk on twitter and generally mabe a little stinking noise about it. I made a video of it happening too…

Any ideas?

P.s. who likes my duvet?



  1. Edson Medinas  •  Jun 6, 2009 @8:04 pm

    I bought my seashell yesterday and had a somewhat similar problem:

    The battery level showed always 100% (for like 5 hours).

    Then I turned it off, plugged it to the charger and went to bed.
    Today when I turned it on, it kept the 100% level indicator, but after half an hour it just died.

    Turned it off again, plugged the charger, let it charge for a few minutes and the problem dissappeared. The battery status is working fine now.

    My 2 cents: don’t trust the battery status indicator. At least until the first full-charge.

  2. Colin  •  Jun 7, 2009 @10:29 am

    Hi Edson,

    Sounds about right, since giving it a few full charges all the problems have disappeared. Now I just need to tell the retailer I don’t want to send it back any more.

    Hope you are enjoying the machine?

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