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Asus 1008HA Saga Part3


I’m not calling this the final chapter in the saga because I do not want to tempt fate… but the bloody thing has continued to work and making me love it again!

Pray that this keeps up and that I only have to say nice things about my Asus 1008HA in the future.


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Asus 1008HA Saga Part2


Sunday morning I submitted my replacement request to for the Asus 1008HA which is playing up. I also received a reply from the Asus Support team, who have asked me to arrange a repair collection. What was stupid was stating that I should only send them the battery, duh it’s a built in battery…

Anyway, I thought I’d test the machine out again last night, and WTF it worked fine off the power mains. I’ve no idea why, but I am quite excited by testing it out again tonight and hoping that it still works!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted…

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Asus 1008HA Saga Part1


Let the saga begin..

I feel there is going to be a little (a lot) of ‘told ya so’s’ flying in my direction over the next few days, but anyway I did go ahead and buy an Asus 1008HA last week and it arrived on Wednesday. I love it, it is insanely small and brilliant to use, the keyboard is a tapping pleasure.

However, last night I used it plugged into the mains for a couple of hours then went to bed, unplugging the machine from the mains. It turned off and wouldn’t come back on unless plugged into the mains. I thought, maybe it’s the battery overheating or something so installed speed fan to take a look at the temperatures, everything seems fine. Opened control panel to check the battery levels, maybe its not charging properly from the mains – status 100%.

Went to bed and hoped for the best this morning, but as expected really the problem continues. I have emailed the Asus support team (no phone number WTF?), I have pestered @asusuk on twitter and generally mabe a little stinking noise about it. I made a video of it happening too…

Any ideas?

P.s. who likes my duvet?


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