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Gig Spotlight – Idlewild


I have been a busy boy, gigs here there and everywhere, I will strive to write a bit more about each over the comings days! For now, you will have to settle for a couple of pictures from Idlewild at the O2 Academy Oxford on Sunday night.

Check out the rest on Flickr, or check out where I’ve been / going on my Last.FM account.

Were you there? Get in touch!

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Gallows In Oxford


Last Friday I went to see Gallows at the O2 Academy in Oxford. It’s the first time I’ve seen a gig in the new and improved large downstairs room there and I have to say I was pretty impressed. I have very simple criteria for when I’m at a gig:

Can I see the band?
Is the sound good?
Can I get to the bar?

Of course Gallows were their usual awesome selves, midway singer Frank Carter got bored and went and partied on the middle bar instead of the stage. The bar staff didn’t seem to like the idea too much…

Gallows have also made a good start into social media, they have a Myspace (what band doesn’t?) but they were talking to the venue organizers in the days leading up to the show through Twitter, they also have a Youtube and a LastFm, a good start chaps!

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