Doctor Who – Planet of the Dead


Saturday saw the first Doctor Who special of the year, titled Planet of the Dead. Well I thought it was good. And I really liked Michelle Ryan, I hope she gets more involved in future. The only sour point was her exit at the end, but that’s life I guess.

The story was a lot cleverer than it first seemed, not to spoil anything, but I was slightly afraid that a comment from a non fan who I was watching it with was going to become a very sensible comment: “Why not just drive a tank through and get them?”, I’m glad that the story went onto outsmart that…

Lee Evans fit in strangely well, was he a candidate to be the new Doctor at any point? He surely has the right attributes, manic, funny, crazy and slightly odd looking.

For those who haven’t seen it you can watch it on IPlayer until the 19th April, alternatively you can watch it below. IPlayer doesn’t officially allow embedding content so I don’t know if it will work, when I fiddled earlier it didn’t appear to have any volume, thought I’d leave it there for the fun of it anyway though…

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