Starship Troopers CGI


Tonight was spent watching Starship Troopers, with the lovely Denise Richards, Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer and a bunch of others (who cares hey?). Why I hear you scream, well I got bored of the program that was on about Hiroshima…

Just to clear that opening sentence up a bit, Denise Richards plays one of the main parts in the film, I didn’t mean that I was watching it with her. That would have been ace, but unlikely, unless she is reading this and would like to sort something out?

One thing which interested me was a comment from someone I was watching it with, they said that the CGI was terrible and having not seen the film before assumed that it had been carried on the strength of its CGI in the past rather than the story. I actually think the CGI is pretty impressive, the Spaceships are damn cool, and the Insects are pretty advanced. Especially the landscape scenes where there are thousands of Insects attacking all with separate motion patterns.

More importantly, back to Denise Richards, I looked up her IMDB earlier, and apparently has a film out late last year called ‘Deep In The Valley’. Now on hearing this you assume Welsh Porno, which doesn’t appear to be too far off the mark. Denise plays someone called Autumn Bliss, pornstar much? Off to Blockbusters I think…



  1. Al Pavangkanan  •  Feb 14, 2010 @5:05 pm

    This movie is best watched with friends or at a midnight showing in a theater. Hooting and hollering when you see boobs. Yelling Doogie (or maybe Barney nowadays) whenever NPH shows up.

    great movie

  2. James Whatley  •  Feb 15, 2010 @12:08 am

    Go rent ‘Wild Things’, skip straight to chapter five… hit ‘repeat’.

  3. Colin  •  Feb 15, 2010 @2:59 pm

    @Al – He is damn cool, don’t forget his part in Heroes!

    @James – Now would that be the Threesome, the Pool scene or lesbian scene?

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