The New TV


Last weekend I finally bit the bullet so to speak and splashed out on a new TV. My existing one had been playing up for a little while (random flickering and blurry lines across the screen) so a change was certainly needed.

After a little research, and some advice from people here there and everywhere I settled myself on a Samsung LE32B530.

Have a read of its features here, I will put some live shots up later.



  1. Brennig  •  Sep 30, 2009 @10:34 am

    I’m retuning our 3 month-old TV right now. A bit ridiculous really, as we watch more DVD-hours than television-hours.

  2. Colin  •  Sep 30, 2009 @12:07 pm

    How come you’re sending it back?

  3. Brennig  •  Oct 3, 2009 @4:29 pm

    Hi Colin. That’s retuning not returning.

  4. assistencia samsung  •  Apr 5, 2010 @6:02 am

    good article, i will add my feeds.

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