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Google Sky

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Ohhh yeah… You’ve all heard of Google Earth, now there is Google Sky! Working in a very similar manner, however of course the detail is not quite so “useful”.

Also, if you are really bored, check out Google Moon and Google Mars. Whatever next? I vote for Google Springfield or Google Quahog maybe, if we are lucky, Google Petoria!

Sources Mashable and Laughing Squid.

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Post Apocalypse Vehicles

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Over at Jalopnik they’ve been putting together a list of the top ten vehicles which the readers would like to have post apocalypse. The current leader is the Sisu XA-185…

Sisu XA-185

My take on things is slightly different, thinking outside the box I’d go for a certain Delorean…

Back To The Future Delorean

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Mid Vs Shu

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That’s what the TV is calling them at-least. I don’t understand how watching football on BBC is so much better than watching it on Sky and worlds better than Setanta. The commentators are generally worse, with the obvious exception of Andy Gray who needs to be shot, will probably do a separate post about him when I have the displeasure of having to listen to him next time.

Onto the actual game then, as I write this there is still another half an hour left (probably less by time I get around to publishing). Seems to me that either Sheffield Utd are pussies and are going down hurt for no reason or, as per a usual game with Middlesbrough, they are getting kicked left right and center. Another normal thing for a Middlesbrough game, Downing is a waste of space. His only tactic is to kick the ball past people then run into them to get a free kick and get the guy booked. Very impressed with Alves tonight, about time he looks fit and dangerous. If him and Mido get their attitude sorted its a very dangerous top line. Shame they will still have Wheater and Pogatez at the back, easily the ugliest, dirtiest and generally awful centre back combination in the league. Remembering that this league has Wes Brown in it….

Come on the Blades


Prison Break


My current addiction… It has taken me now 2 weeks to get from the very start of season 1, to where I am tonight, up-to-date with season 3. Thats episode 13, thats 57 episodes in 15 days. Oh dear, please let me go outside!

Prison Break

P.s. Bring on the next episode!

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EASILY the coolest, most interesting and geniously brilliant channel ever to be devised. What more could you need on TV, other than repeats of BBC comedy programming. You can pretty much be assured to be able to see either Top Gear, Have I Got News For You, Who’s Line Is It Anyway, etc etc etc on at anytime.

This wonder, of course comes with a downside… adverts. A worthy trade? Put it this way, since setting freeview up a few weeks ago this is my most watched channel.

The name is also kick ass…


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