Truck-ing Saturday


One thing which I always find good in the morning at a festival is waking up. Means I didn’t drink “too” much the night before which meant my body gave up. However, this morning, it felt like my body had given up! A quick G&T for breakfast, by quick I mean 4 quick G&Ts, sorted me right out. Food also a normal necessity in a morning, so got some of that too. Time for some bands…

…Or not. Time for some more beers, well ciders! First thing, outside of the campsite for the day was Bish and Douch’s comedy. A mixed bag, some of it was funny, some of it was only funny because by lunch time I was drunk again and some wasn’t funny. I won’t go into specifics, because I believe I already did this with the guys when I was drunk later on.

First mission back to the campsite for the day to grab some more beers, via a mates campsite. Nothing really happening so must be time to hit the arena. Rollo Tomasi, the only good band I remember seeing on the Saturday, in fact the only band I remember seeing. As everyone who I saw after this point will know, I was wearing flop flips (very similar to flip flops but with my own swing on things). Now, flop flips aren’t ideal festival footwear at the best of times, but in a moshpit, on a concrete floor, with some over sized mofo’s in with me, they are a really bad idea. Not till I got outside the Barn did I realise the extent of the damage. One toe nail half off, the rest smashed to s**t. Of course being the big man I am I caused no fuss… yeah right, I think everyone in the whole festival heard about my now bleeding, broken, uber disgusting feet, I’d apologise, but they really hurt!

Its ok though, there was a happy ending, cider made everything better! Almost all of the rest of the day kind of blurs, I remember lots of being stamped on (people bored of my feet stories I guess), I remember spending some time back in the car park with Mickey Finns (fake Apple Sourz), and I remember dancing like a hero in the D&B Barn. All of these were done by/with the person I mentioned in my Friday post, so all was good chilling/dancing/partying with people from your past is always surprising amounts of fun.

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